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Would you Want Plaxico Burress?

Posted by David Foley On February - 13 - 2009

According to his agent (none other than the ultimate scumbag himself, Drew Rosenhaus) Plaxico Burress wants out of New York. Rosenhaus sent out an email to NFL teams saying as much earlier this week, which evidently didn’t make the Giants too happy…

An unidentified source told the Star-Ledger that Rosenhaus did not have the Giants’ permission to solicit trade inquiries, and that the Giants were furious when they learned about the e-mail.

The report said assistant general manager Kevin Abrams informed the other clubs that Rosenhaus was not acting on behalf of the Giants.

Sounds like a pretty messy situation to me…but here’s the real question: If Burress really were available for a reasonable price (second day draft pick?) and the Giants would be willing to trade him to a division rival, would you take him on the Eagles?

Burress’ talent is undeniable, as is his stupidity. There is also still a chance he could spend some time in jail after that whole “shooting himself in the thigh” thing. At the same time if you were to make the Giants an offer dependant on whether Burress played a full season, it might be worth examining, especially given how well he’s played against the Eagles over the years.

What do you say…is it worth a shot?

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  • Mitt Romney

    No. Absolutely not.

  • Chris

    doubtful – very doubtful – the giants would trade a wideout of burress’ caliber to a division rival.

  • Chris Iafolla

    I won’t deny the immense talents of Burress. But the Eagles have seen first hand what a disruptive personality can do to a football team. Burress has proven time and again he is not interested in being a good teammate, abiding by the law or basically anything that does not directly involved promoting himself.

    Any talent he brings to the roster would not outweigh the potential risks.

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