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Phillies will be golden on Opening Night – Updated

Posted by Kieran Kelly On March - 3 - 2009

Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas has posted a link in the Ticker about how the Phillies will be wearing gold-trimmed jerseys for Opening Night (and maybe for the ring ceremony?. I think they will look sharp. Besides the “Phillies” on the front being outlined in gold, the player name & number on the back and the number & World Series patch on the sleeves will also be outlined.

(Side note on Uni Watch: If you’re into little details about uniforms, that is the site for you. I’m obsessed with it. It’s awesome.)


I remember when the Red Sox did this a few years ago after winning the World Series. It’s something a little different. Not many people will notice, but for those who do, it’s just a little commemoration of what happened last season. It’ll be nice that the team will recognize last season. One final shout-out, and then move on to current business.

However, I hope that it will be a one game only thing and the team will be focused on this season. I’m sure with Charlie and the other leaders on this team, everyone will be focused on moving on.

I really can’t wait for this season to start. It’s going to be awesome.


-Uni Watch(Via Paul Lukas)


Update: Actual photo of the jersey, courtesy of The Fightins


Update #2: Zolecki has further information about this.

they will be worn Opening Day only, and eventually will be auctioned off to benefit Phillies charities. The Phillies also will be wearing a World Series champions 2008 patch on their home uniforms all season. They will not wear the patch on the road.

I’m surprised that they’re going to be wearing a patch all season. I thought it would be a one time only thing. Either way, I’m still excited to see these uniforms on the field.

Update: One last update before the season opener tomorrow night. Pictures have shown up on of the gold trimmed jerseys that the team will be wearing for Opening Night. The first one also shows the team’s new blue alternate batting helmet, not seen around here since 1994.

Picture 2.jpg
Picture 1.jpg

The pictures also show a close up of the World Series patch that the team will be wearing all season. Pretty nice if you ask me.

(Pictures courtesy of Rosie Rahn.)

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  • Kevin

    I agree about this being a one game a done thing, and I am 99.9% positive it is (unless they do it for the ring ceremony as well, which I’m ok with).

    The Cardinals did this after their World Series championship as well.

  • Kieran Kelly

    If it’s one game, not a big deal. Not even two games.

    I think the Phillies know better than to try and stretch this.

    Both Boston and St. Louis looked good while doing it though, so I’m excited to see how the Phillies look.


  • Kevin

    A commenter on my site pointed out that the Nationals have always had gold trim, jokingly brushing aside the Phillies uni news.

  • Kieran Kelly

    They may have gold trim.

    But they’re missing the World Fucking Champions Patch on the sleeve

  • Kevin

    Maybe this is their year?

  • Phils Fan

    Here is a question: Why is it that the Phillies are the only team in baseball to NOT have their city’s name on their away jerseys? I would love an away jersey that said Philadelphia on it instead of Phillies. I just think it is a little odd. Thoughts?

  • Kieran Kelly

    Phils Fan,

    It’s an interresting question, but you don’t have all of the facts correct.

    The Phillies are not the only team that doesn’t use their city name on their away uniforms.

    Baltimore didn’t up until this season, they are adding the Baltimore back for this season.

    There’s discussion on UniWatch here.

    Here’s a link to a concept drawing with Philadelphia on it.

    I just think it’s too busy with all the letters. I think Philadelphia is just too long of a word to try and squeeze on the jersey.

    The other teams that don’t list their city name on the jersey are:

    the St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Phillies, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and the Tampa Bay Rays.

    I just think it’s better to leave Philadelphia off of the road jerseys for now. It may come up in the future, but I just think it’s pretty obvious where the Phillies come from

    Thanks for the comment. Any other questions?


  • Kevin

    Philadelphia is just too long. Maybe they could consider Phila. like they used too, but I like it just saying Phillies. Keeps everything more uniform and it is unique!

    I guess they won’t wear the WS Champs patch on the road to not rub it in while traveling?

  • Kieran Kelly

    Yeah, home only.

    That’d be pretty mean to wear it on the road. haha


  • Jess

    Does anyone know were i can get the opening day world series patch, the one with the gold trim?

  • Charles

    I am such a huge faaaaaaaaaan of Philadelphia Phillies! I want my jersey!

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