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Epic Twitter Poll: How many Phillies hats do you have?

Posted by Kieran Kelly On March - 29 - 2009

10A5515C-305B-4A8F-8E22-7795002B2978.jpgWe decided to try something new this week at Phinally Philly.

To give our readers a chance to contribute to the site, we posed this question on Twitter, and by extension, Facebook: How many Phillies hats do you have/own?

We received a lot of responses to our question. The answers ranged from a low of zero to a high of over 50! That’s a lot of hats.

To get this started, I thought I’d put up the hats that we here at Phinally have.

Kieran Kelly: I currently own IMG_0019.JPG7. My personal favorite has recently been the throwback green one, which a lot of you seem to like as well. Favorite overall would be the Interleague play one, which they no longer wear. I just love how the star looks in the middle of the P like that. My newest hat, which isn’t pictured, is the basic one that is shown at the top of the page.

Our own Roman Zubarev, has just one hat.
As he states in his Tweet: “just my freebie fightins hat.”

Roman's Hat.jpg There are plenty more responses to this question. We hope to be putting up many more questions using Twitter to keep the community interaction going. Be sure to follow @Phinally to stay informed of all the latest questions and updates.

To read the rest of the responses, be sure to continue reading and see who among us has the most Phillies hats.

First, here are all of our Twitter responses, with pictures where appropriate.

Rusty_Bawz: “0″

Balls, Sticks, and Stuff: “I own four Phillies hats unless you count the free bucket hat from a few years ago, then 5.”

SpinyNorman: “I have more than 10…easily…Favorite is a green fitted St. Pats day hat…”

Kevin McGuire of Macho Row and Nittanydelphia: “I have 1 maroon, 1 green 80′s, and 1 2008 NL East division champs hat. That’s it. My wife has two as well!”

Joseph Mays:” At least 9 I can think of. My favorite is definitely the Christmas one with the Phillies symbol wearing the Santa hat.”
(I want that Christmas one! I’ve never seen one like that and I really want it now. -KK)

Mike Meech, of The Fightins’: ” I count 15. Plus, I probably have another 6 or 7 still at my parent’s house.”

Greg Paradee: “Two, and you just gave me a great idea for a site project.” (I wonder what his project is? -KK)

“7 in total”

BWitcherman: BWich Hats.jpg “These are the ones I actually wear, I have more stowed away for good reason. 8D ” and his second Tweet: “The newest addition is my favorite, exclusively sold in Clearwater.” (I do like that Clearwater one. I’ll have to get one when I eventually make it down there. -KK)

Randy Gilbert: “None!”

Kevin Kramer: “Four hats. 2008 Irish hat, 1979 hat, and two regular franchise hats. Irish hat is my favorite.”

Shay Roddy: “as far as hats go… own 2 BP hats, 1 alt home hat, 1 home hat…” (First mention of the BP hat. I don’t think they’re very popular, they’re kind of ugly as well! -KK)

Matt P., from The 700 Level, ” 8 that i can think of without looking around the house.”

TommymacWFC: “I own 6 Phillies hats. I think my favorite is the new spring training style hats”

Alexis Kropp: “five and my fav is the one my best friend gave me. Broken in and faded. 80′s maroon, white P.”

LONG_DRIVE: “I just counted and I have 11. I plan to add many more to that this season.” (Same with me, I’ve already added one, looking for more. -KK) …and a late addition: “my lucky phillies hat is my authentic fitted red phils hat with 54 stitched into the side.”

A.J. Sullivan:“I have 8ish…my favorite being an old school throwback in maroon and baby blue.”

Estebomb: “I own 7 Phils hats, including one that the Phanatic stole off of Dave Hollins’ head in ’92. My favorite is the 70s/80s style.” (I love his Twitter background -KK)

LordVader311: ” I own no less than 9!! I have all 3 current Phils hats, the USA looking logo, St Pat’s day, champ caps, Steve Carlton Cy Young one” and his second Tweet: “My fav one has to be the Blue with Red P and the “USA” Logo blue one.”

Jason Hellman: “I own 5 Phillies hats. Lucky one was bought was purchased at village thrift on broad st. (which sadly no longer exists) for $1.”

And now for our Facebook responses:

Arlene Tonoff: “only 2 – WS Champs and a Spring Training One
The Spring Training is my favorite cause it covered in all my autographs from Spring Training and I add to it every year!”

Michael Rice: “I got the blue with the american flag P on it thats the one I wear for games”

Dom Pietrzyk:: i got a bunch of them…all black one, a throwback 80s one, the new era city skyline one, a handful that they gave out at games and my favorite the blue beak and P wit the star in the middle cause that was the hat i wore for the playoffs or world series….it hangs on my wall and is covered wit champagne and beer haha” (Now that’s a good story to have for a hat! -KK)

Scarlett O’Hara: “lots…samples of them thru the ages (well, since the 70′s at least) – have a whole wall in the house devoted to phillies things and on part has all the hats on it…hae one reg red one I wear to all the games”

Eric Michael Stencovage:“I have 4 hats, a regular Philies hat, a Phillies World Series hat, a 2007 NL East Division Champs hat, and a World Series Champions Hat. The 2007 NL East one is the Luckiest because no Philly team has ever lost when it was on me. However, the World Series Champions hat is becoming just as lucky.”

Whew. That’s a lot of hats right there. But, who has the single largest collection submitted to Phinally Philly?

Jenn, from Phillies Phollowers, checks in with this mega response: “56 Phils hats! My fav one right now is the official black World Champs hat :O)” She then sent in a picture to truly show the awesomeness of her collection:

hat photo.jpg

Anybody out there who didn’t respond have a larger collection than Jenn? If you haven’t already responded, be sure to send in a picture as proof to Phinally Philly here.

As the title states, this truly was an epic Twitter poll. I’m very happy about the amount of responses we got for this one. We’ll be sure to do it again very soon.

Have a suggestion for our next Twitter Poll question? Send it here.


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  • Joseph Mays

    I’ve been trying to find a picture of my Phillies Christmas hat but no luck. The manufacturer seemed to only churn out the type I have for a few months (I believe I bought it in December 2006). Since then I have seen an impostor; the manufacturer seems to be releasing them now without the Santa hat on the Phillies ‘P’. The level of awesome diminished by the lack of the Santa hat is substantial. The hat remains red and green but no Santa hat, quite the disgrace.

    I’ll pass along a pic as soon as I find one. I am in Indiana and the hat is not with me.

  • Kieran Kelly


    If you ever do find that hat again, just let me know. I would buy it in a second.

    Thanks for responding to our poll as well. There will be more questions coming along, so be sure to follow.


  • threio

    I have four, 2 grungy ones, that have been washed so many times they are slightly pink. A dark blue & red and a retro 70s red that I rarely wear but love.

    oops 5, I got one of the blue giveaways from last season in the back seat of the car–you know the one that really doesn’t fit right.

  • Harry

    I have 13 Phillies hats and approx 30 fitted hats. (25 of them Phila. teams) My most favorite is the 50′s style P in black on an Orange hat(the flyers colors) and a hat similar to the Sunday(or day game blue)hat but with crazy red white and blue stiching on one side

  • Spinynorman

    Dang…I forgot to mention my two santa hats…one regular and one WORLD SERIES CHAMPS!!!

  • Roman Zubarev

    Get ready for this!

    Chevrolet Father’s Appreciation Day
    Men 15 and older

    June 21 vs. Baltimore – 1:35 PM

  • Chris Quein

    2 painters caps from early 80's, Franchise fitted -1 camo, 1 blue, 1 red, 1 maroon 1980, and somewhere 1 Blue sunday cap circa 1993.

  • Chris Quein

    2 painters caps from early 80's, Franchise fitted -1 camo, 1 blue, 1 red, 1 maroon 1980, and somewhere 1 Blue sunday cap circa 1993.

  • Anonymous

    Well, this one is really looking the best of polling. And the Phillies hats are really famous in the world wide. As recently I have one. And the regarding information of this post really makes me crazy about it. Thanks for sharing some best of information about it.

  • Home Accessories

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  • sal

    I have every color from turquise to lime green im addictted

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