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Ever the Classy Penguins’ Fans (Read At Your Own Risk)

Posted by Chris Shafer On April - 20 - 2009

burnThe fans of Philadelphia tend to get a bad rap. We are passionate, crazy, and, let’s be honest, often belligerent. We boo our own team and sometimes boo others at the wrong moments. We throw things, dump beers, and even have the balls to fight Tie freaking Domi (video). But for all the crap we take from the media and fanbases, never has our loyalty and resolve been called into question. We know our sports, not just the ones that win. To survive in this city, in this region, you are born and raised on frustration, hunger, and pride.

And I’d like to thank one of our most loyal followers, Alyssa, for bringing what I am about to pass forward to all of you to my attention as well as the beautiful image for this article that speaks volume about the rivalry between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

And let me make this clear right at the start. I’ve been around hockey most of my life. I’ve seen it all basically. Never in my life have a seen an organization in any sport that gets more credit for doing absolutely nothing and has more lunatic followers than the Pittsburgh Penguins. Yes, this is the same organization that before drafting Crosby was about to pack up its crap and move south where they might get more fans. Suddenly they draft Fleury, Crosby, Malkin, and Staal getting the 1st overall selection twice and the 2nd overall selection twice in a span of four years and suddenly everyone and their mother has been a Penguins’ fan since birth.

And that doesn’t even bother me all that much. I love hockey. It’s good for the sport of hockey. Hell, it gives the Flyers a rival for the next few years, and while we’re still making the playoffs years down the road they will undoubtably be tanking once again to get the next Lemeiux-Jagr/Crosby-Malkin combination to bring their organization back from the brink of economic collapse.

Enough with the insults though. Right now I’m just venting because of an article at For those of you following along remember that this is a very sore subject. Don’t continue reading this and don’t read the article if you’re going to get really upset over this. Click to read.

Like most of the Penguins’ fanbase it relies on shiny photoshopped images of rivals and people that cross their organization in order to keep people interested. There is very little content and far less in the way of quality analysis. The writer obviously knows nothing about hockey beyond a quick read of “The NHL for Dummies” so don’t get your hopes up if you’re looking for a relatively sturdy opinion from the other side of Pennsylvania. Anyway, here are some of the quotes (again read at your own risk):

“Seriously, if we had a terminal illness, we would get a gun
and just stand outside Wachovia Center, shooting people.”
“Wachovia Center sings “America the Beautiful” ’cause Kate Smith thought
the Star Spangled Banner was a cheeseburger and ate it back in the ’70s.”
“It gave the classless Flyer organist a chance to play to the crowd again,
playing a ditty that spurred the fans to say “Hey, ref, you suck.”
Just a classless organization from top to bottom.
The organist should take a note from Harry Kalas and just die.


Beyond all the idiocy complaining about the refs not giving the Penguins the victory and the various homosexual banter about some relationship between Mike Richards and the NBC broadcasting crew it was that bolded statement that stood out. I don’t know about any of you, but the rest of the stuff I can just let go as another idiot given a voice on the internet; freedom of speech and all that. That comment about Harry Kalas though…in the same breath he calls us, the Flyers’ fans, classless.


Obviously this poor sport is bitter about the game today. He makes various comments about the refs not giving him what he wants to be there. Anyone with any knowledge about hockey, conspiracy or not, knows that the Penguins have had the better deal as far as officiating goes all series. The officiating even gave them game 2 on a “hooking” call against Jeff Carter that really should’ve been a holding-the-stick call on Jordan Staal. Of course reading through this idiot’s banter about game two makes no mention of the Penguins getting handed the game off a terrible call.


Constantly he mentions that the Penguins have outplayed the Flyers so he’s clearly reading the shot totals and not actually watching the game. Oh wait. He has a detailed description of every little thing that happened bad for the Penguins. It’s no wonder his entries have more pictures than words.


I’m just speechless that the Penguins fanbase has proved to be more classless than a couple of kids suspended from school for cursing at a teacher who failed them. Actually I’m not speechless, it’s expected… This is what happens when a fanbase cares about its team once or twice every two decades. They apparently make up for their lost time with disrespect and filth.


But the uneducated masses have spoken. They think it’s a joke that Harry Kalas has passed away. I just thought you all deserved to know what they thought of us on the other side of the state.


On a side note the Pittsburgh Penguins organization, the one that Gary Bettman called the “model” organization for the NHL joined the league the same year as the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers have made the playoffs 33 times if 40 played seasons for a playoff appearance percentage of 83%. In teams that have existed for more than 20 years they are 3rd behind Montreal and Saint Louis. In that same time the Penguins have made the playoffs 58% of the years they’ve suited up, just above the Los Angeles Kings and just under the Washington Capitals and New York Islanders. That puts the Penguins at 19th out of the 30 NHL teams. Real solid organization you guys got there. Not very good and not very classy, but by god you’re the first to jump into the conversation when you’ve tanked long enough to produce a winning team. I’m not in charge of Wednesday’s Worst here at Phinally Philly, but this classless blog of idiots who not only know nothing about hockey but also clearly have no regards for decency and human life, deserve worst of the decade. They, like their team have no shame when it comes to complaining about refs even when 75% of the calls help them, complaining about the broadcasts when it’s proven that the league pays broadcasters to talk highly of the Penguins at every opportunity to increase league revenue, and making disrespectful comments about a man who is unfortunately no longer around to defend himself.


I’ll leave you with this video:


I can honestly say if there is any justice the Penguins will not win another cup during this current generation of fans, players, or NHL regime. Everyone thinks Flyers fans have no class; the Penguins fans just one-upped us. Everyone thinks the Flyers players have no class; Sidney Crosby’s play along with that of his teammates tells a different story. Everyone thinks Philadelphia has no class when we are the most passionate and knowledgeable sports fans in all the free world. I think it’s time the sports world re-evaluated its definition of class.

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  • Kieran Kelly


    Are those quotes serious?

    There is no way in hell you attack a city for losing it’s most treasured broadcaster.

    I’ll be back, I need to go and vent my frustration over at that article.


  • Tracy

    You think we need to re-evaluate the definition of Class. Why would the entire hockey fan base need to re-evaluate Class. The rest of us hockey fans already display Class and respect of other teams when they visit our cities. When we come to your city of Brotherly Love, you disrespect us and our teams. A perfect example is during yesterday’s game, when Sidney Crobsy was behind the net and there was a stoppage of play. Your brand of Philly Class Fans were banging on the Glass and Flipping the middle finger at Sidney Crosby. The network stop airing the footage because of your Philly Class Fans. You need to learn that Class is defined by the result of your actions and flipping “The Bird” is not a definition CLASS. So as you purpose changing the definition of Class and your Philly Brand of Class plays footage on your jumbo-tron of slapping Orpik in the face and his nose bleeding and your Philly Class Fans clapping and shouting for joy at another persons suffering. Know this, the reason the rest of us hockey fans, hockey media and just the average Joe Know that Philly Fans DO NOT have any class or respect is just by the way the ACT. If it acts without Class then it must not have Class.

  • Joseph Mays

    Honestly I wanted to write the same type of post but they’re not even worth it. Penguins fans are possibly the most delusional and hypocritical fanbase in professional sports.

    They only cared about “their” hockey team since Crosby came around, as proven by their home attendance numbers. A few years ago (as in before Crosby and their “resurgence”) you could buy a seat in the lower level for under $20.

    As disrespectful as they are, they just want attention. They want to be recognized as an elite club and fanbase. Getting attention (good or bad) is all they want. Don’t give them the satisfaction of getting it.

    Hopefully next week at this time we’ll be discussing a match up with our second round opponent and the Penguins “fans” will be doing what they do best: whining for a few minutes and then moving on to another local product that is the flavor of the week.

  • Joseph Mays

    Also, have you notice them complain about the NBC broadcasters? Ha. Ed Olczyk was a coach for them and yet they continually rip on him and Pierre McGuire. Yeah, I’m sure a former coach of yours is completely biased for a rival club. Makes perfect sense.

  • FreeCandy4All

    Hey, Dumbass. Couple of things here. First off, its not an “Analysis” site. We dick around having fun, and go off to KuklasKorner or EmptyNetters for the good stuff. It’s kinda like the stuff you guys do before your games, but with less sperm.

    Secondly, congratulations. You can cherry-pick quotes from a jobber-site in a city 400 miles away, then take the time to write an entire article about it. So Flyers fans can read AND write… I’m impressed.

    Third, sorry to hear about Harry Kalas. No idea who he was till last night, but then again I didn’t really care either. Not really cool on the part of the P-blog, but not really worth getting your panties all in an uproar over in Oompa-Loompa Town.

    Fourth, fuck yourselves. You haven’t won a Stanley Cup since 1975. Even back then you couldn’t do it without disgracing the game, stacking up on thugs, and racking up almost twice the league average in penalties. You know why you get a penalty? For breaking a rule. You know what breaking a rule is? Breaking rules = cheating. And seriously, you’re playing that weak-ass video again? Sid gets smacked around by goons like Hartnell and Carcillo every shift, every game. He got pissed off and lost his cool, once (maybe twice). In 4 full seasons of play, you’ve found one dirty video. You should work for FoxNews.

    Again, sorry ’bout Harry. I read up about him on Wikipedia. Seems like a stand-up guy. Your team and your fans could take a clue or two from him.

  • FreeCandy4All
  • Kieran Kelly

    I took some time and went over there.

    Vented my frustration, and am now back at peace with the world.


  • FreeCandy4All

    The cherry on top.

    And vented, schmented, you got PWNED honey.

    kierankelly | |2009-04-20 04:29:05
    I agree, maybe I should have come in here differently, but I was a little upset about the Harry kalas thing. I’m a diehard Phillies fan and that was just a little too soon.

    I am also a Flyers fan, but almost definitely don’t have the depth of knowledge about my team as most of you probably do. I try to keep up with them as much as I can, but missed a little this season.

    Hopefully the series continues to be great, as all the recent ones between these two teams have been.

    I’ll be back, just maybe not as aggressive next time. haha


  • Kieran Kelly

    I did exactly what I went in there to do.

    Got out what I needed to say.

    Just because 27 different people jumped all over me, doesn’t mean I got “PWNED”


  • mk

    Well Phinally Philly, you got one thing right in your insane little tirade, right there in the last paragraph… I’m amazed at your clear and concise summation: “Everyone thinks Flyers fans have no class”… couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Chris Shafer

    FreeCandy4All, I do have to say your choices of video footage show that you relatively don’t know the difference between a cheap shot and a fair shot. The Downie punch, clearly not cheap. The reason people got up in arms over it was because Don Cherry got up in arms. He only got up in arms because he loves two things: the Toronto Maple Leafs and Sidney Crosby. The Downie hit was suspension worthy. There you go. That’s what you wanted to hear right? Didn’t he get suspended for that?

    As for the Carcillo punch on Talbot…Carcillo punched him with a glove on the shoulder or the back of the helmet. Both things are very much padded. Talbot made it look like he got shot. Hartnell’s hit on Alberts wasn’t exactly cheap either. He got suspended because of the result, not the action. That’s how the league operates. When a player does something that injures another the league will automatically crack down whether the infraction was particularly bad or not. You wouldn’t know that because no matter what your team does there won’t be any of such infractions. That’s the weight of the world from the outside.

    Look, I don’t care if you’re some whiney chick or a 12 year old kid trying to annoy us. You’re not not a real fan of hockey. You’re a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins. There’s a huge difference since the Penguins are not held to the same standard as most other NHL teams.

    I know the ins and outs of the NHL. I don’t just write for the Philadelphia Flyers even though I am Flyers fan. I can tell you honestly that while ESPN worships you with every breath, every fanbase hates you. Everyone breathes at you all with disgust. No, it’s not because they’re jealous as you so often like to put out as your defense, it’s because your team is a group of scumbags who are as dirty if not dirtier than any other NHL team but they get away with it because Crosby and Malkin can sell a few pink jerseys to the chicks out there that want to marry them. Don’t miss it though. When you say other’s are jealous of you, you all just prove yourself to be delusional. Nobody cares about you or your problems. The fans around the league were laughing at you when you fell out of playoff contention this season, and when you made it the only thing going through everyone’s mind was “Shit, we gotta listen to more of this Bettman-love-fest?”

  • mer

    If you had EVER watched Coach’s Corner, you would know that Sidney Crosby is one of Grapes’ favourite targets. Your apparent disregard for reality robs you of what little credibility I might have granted you.

    And most fan-bases hate Flyers fans (as opposed to the players, who are, in all honesty, not as bad as the people cheering for them) far more than they will ever hate the Penguins, or their fans.

    (And, for the record, I’m a Sens fan.)

  • mk

    chris…wow… i stopped reading your post after the first few lines, you may have made some good points, but i have no idea… i can’t believe a word you type… after i read that don cherry loves the leafs and sid… right then and there i knew you were a total fake… have you ever watched hnic and cherry??

  • Chris Shafer

    Really? You guys are all kinds of blind…you also think NBC and VS are totally anti-Penguins when they get paid bonuses if they talk highly of the Penguins. So go ahead and say that saying something so true discredits me.


    This sounds like an argument between two rival gangs…

    Eventually you will kill each other off….

  • mer

    Actually Chris, in Canada, we are lucky enough not to have to suffer through NBC and VS broadcasts, so we don’t have to witness the blow job on Mike Richards that *was* Pierre McGuire’s NBC broadcast of Game 3. (McGuire’s a total douchebag, and a bit of a whore – it’s not our fault he was all over the Pens in the first period… but if you didn’t notice him making sweet, sticky, verbal, man-love to Richards yesterday, you’re the one who is “all kinds of blind” or maybe you’re just deaf.)

    Also, what do NBC and VS have to do with the fact that you have to be huffing glue to think that Don Cherry loves Sidney Crosby? He was the one who STARTED calling Crosby a freaking diver in the first place. Get your facts straight buddy.

  • mk

    you know i’m all for a good fight when it comes to rival teams and, therefore, rival fans… but really Chris, mer is totally right, get your facts straight first… then we can duke it out!!

  • ryanp

    wow enough with the harry kalas thing. the person who said u didnt kno who he was until the other night just proves ur another idiot who knows nothing about sports… there was moments of silence at baseball games around the league for him obviously he was a huge figure in sports but i wouldnt expect some1 who is forced to have the pirates as their hometown team to know that. pittsburgh fans are front runners… i.e. steelers and pens getting much love while they forget about the pirates.
    but seriously… u really need to look at your life especially freecandy4all… have you ever had a girlfriend?? is your free candy a way to attract little boys?? uve spent all day on here trash talking everyone whos said anything bad about your team. just relax man, life will go on. the beautiful thing about hockey is that it is full of cheap shots and dirty plays pens fans r just mad cause their stars r bitches that cant keep up with or deal with it. sorry guys.

  • Chris Shafer

    Alright then, if the paychecks going out to anyone talking nicely about Crosby aren’t enough proof then how about the fact that every time the Penguins were on the powerplay they called it a powerplay and every time they were on the penalty kill it was called a penalty kill. Just another subtle thing you obviously didn’t pick up. I’ve watched enough national and local broadcasts for every NHL team to know that only local broadcasts stations call it the “penalty kill” when their team is down a man. National broadcasts only call it a powerplay when one team is up a man. At least that was until we played the Penguins.

    Also, you’re so quick to mention the praising on Mike Richards, well the staffs for programmed broadcasts have a set number of points they have to hit on. They’re Flyers list of points was generally low so while you had a lot of talk about Richards that’s about all the talk you got out of NBC in favor of the Flyers. The point was to hype up the whole Richards v. Crosby war. You know why? It’s because that makes money. Other than that the entire play by play was about the Penguins, i.e.:

    Sidney Crosby steals the puck from a Flyer and skates it in the zone. He stops, turns, and passes across ice to Gonchar, but a Flyer intercepts and starts skating. Giroux is skating and drops it off for the Flyers to pick up, but Kunitz checks the stick and skates up the ice. He dodges one Flyer, 2, and gets crushed against the boards. Kunitz gets up and tries to get the puck back, but the Flyers had already cleared the zone.

    That didn’t actually happen, but my point was made. Between breaks the color commentary has a set number of points okayed by the league and the broadcasting crew that they have to hit on. It can change during the game depending on who is playing well, but overall they had a set itinerary to talk about Mike Richards vs. Sidney Crosby. There’s your answer.

    And Don Cherry loved Sidney Crosby when I watched it. I haven’t seen it in a while. Maybe I missed something, but in recent years he’s always loved Crosby. The diving thing wasn’t started by Don Cherry either. The diving thing came about because he dives…much like Staal actually. It’s not just diving either. Most players try to sell weak calls. The difference is a lot of the higher name Penguins do it more often than your average NHL player. Every player sells calls. The ones who do it terribly or often are the ones who get labeled as such.

  • Eric Stencovage

    Hey dumbass Penguins fans: you’re all retarded and blind when it comes to hockey. But before I get ahead of myself, let me back up. That website may not be an analysis site, but it still shows the class of the fans. No one I saw said anything about him going too far. To bash the flyers and our fans is one thing, to talk about someone who just died is completely different. Thats not in good fun ever, its personal. I have never heard or seen a flyer fan saying that someone should die from pittsburgh (beat up, yes, killed, no). Plus, I can account for all of us by saying that Flyers fans have more balls than any Penguins fan could ever dream of having (and yes, we can read and write and do math and all that happy bullshit, while watching our players beat up yours).

    Secondly, you’re all just whiners when it comes to the Flyers being tougher than your wimpy penguins. Our players are actually tough and prove it and thats the way the Flyers play hockey. This sport isn’t for weaklings (or Penguins) or it wouldnt allow checking and all that. I personally hope Game 4 has more fights and hitting than game 3 did. Hope your players can take it (yea right).

    Also, I won’t even get into the fact that the refs call in favor of the Penguins and VS and that bend over for them, but they do. I don’t care what arguement you give, the evidence leans in that direction.

    Finally, you can all hate on the fans all you want, we can go on without you. Just because we love the game more than you do doesn’t mean you should hate us but whatever.

  • JustinM

    I love how people want to bitch and moan about the broadcasters of games, when you really do not have to listen to them. If you have that much of a problem with Pierre and the NBC guys, mute it or don’t watch the game, nobody is holding a gun to their heads making them listen.
    The problem I have is that they don’t realize we HAVE to deal with the referees and the league that protects Sidney Crosby. I didn’t realize that they changed the NHL Rule Book in the last couple of years. Rule #1, Protect Sid the Kid. He’s too big of a pussy to play on his own, so we need the guys in black and white to help him out.
    Finally, the Harry Kalas comment is out of line. That entire blog really made me laugh because of the stupidity of the Pens fans. But when you bring in a legend that was known in all of the sports world (outside of Pittsburgh who doesn’t even have a baseball team… oh right they have the Pirates, same thing) less than a week after he passes away, you have gone too far. I say any Penguins fan that makes it into the Wachovia Center for Tuesday and Saturday should go through a living hell while they are there.

  • mk

    Chris, is it your goal to rile up all Pens fans with all your nonsense and conjecture (its ok if you need to pause here and look that word up)… you know you serve as the best example of a flyer fan that i can think of… you claim to have some sort of expertise regarding hockey, through your comments you have proven the complete opposite, you seem to think that watching a few nationally televised games gives you credibility when talking about how certain announcers must talk about certain players to earn more money or ratings, you go way off into left field and admittedly just randomly make up commentary to prove a point for yourself, you claim to know certain things about Don Cherry then later you admit you haven’t watched it in a while, but when you did watch it Cherry was positive about Crosby, ridiculous!

    you are a fan that is obvious, and good for you… enjoy it. but do not pretend to be any sort of expert on the sport… you only make yourself and, therefore, those around you (flyer fans) look like complete idiots

  • Chris Shafer

    Yes, I’m obviously a Flyers’ homer who knows nothing about the NHL when I also write about the Saint Louis Blues prospects for a professional website. I write about the Flyers for another. I have even been asked by a staff writer with for various articles to put up to go along with whatever topic is being covered. I’m pretty knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the league, and the teams that populate it.

    While this isn’t an article I’d write for a professional site, the fact that I’m writing it for the fans gives me a little more leeway and freedom with my opinions. Everything I have mentioned is completely true unless Don Cherry has in fact recently turned against his Canadian wunderkind.

    I assure you I’m not just another Flyers homer. I’ve written about more in the NHL than you have probably written essays in all your years of schooling.

  • Chris

    Sidney Crosby…Douche of the Day.

    That Harry Kalas comment was the epitome of having no class. Love to meet the guy in person who wrote that.

  • stokes

    Shafer, Honestly, i could care less about what you write about in your blog, but your comments are ridiculous and you really come off as an arrogant asshole whose shit doesn’t stink. I’d really love to see those checks for mentioning the Pens/Sidney. Please show me the evidence of not only that, but the Don Cherry/Sidney Crosby lovefest. Every comment you’ve written is completely off the mark.

  • Eric Stencovage

    Sorry, you’re wrong stokes. Other than that comment (I don’t know anything about it) Chris has been 100% right. Maybe you don’t like it but its true.

    Also to JustinM: I would love to mute channel but I have to listen to the damn announcers if I want to hear our fans cheering when we score or some Penguin gets what he deserves.

  • Mike Santa Barbara

    Once again people outside Philadelphia prove they know NOTHING about Philadelphia sports fans.

    “Dicking around,” isn’t making light of a beloved broadcasters death, so stop with the excuses.

    Penguin fans are all whiny little children who feel they are entitled to something. You didn’t show up so they were going to move your team until the NHL bailed you out. How much money do you STILL owe Mario? The league has for some reason tailored to your every need, but you’ll be bad again and your attendance numbers will rival that of the Phoenix Coyotes. And you can all go back to waving your “terrible towels,” and not caring about the Penguins anymore.

    It’s weird but in a way I hope the Flyers can move on and play the Rangers some where along the line in the East. At least the Rangers have intelligent hockey fans and some sort of history. The Rangers are actually a worth rival on the ice and in the stands.

    Pittsburgh fans, I’m not claiming that Philly fans are classy. However, we “get it,” and you simply do not. Our reputation isn’t with out some truths however, it’s widely exaggerated.

    And to those of you who don’t believe Chris is an “expert,” then you obviously have not read his work away from this site, so don’t comment about it. I know Chris does not need to be defended but I feel as a writer for Phinally Philly that I have to say something.

  • Matt

    You have to ignore the 10% of idiots with every fanbase. There’s no reason you should pay any mind to a blogger that’s really just trying to be over the top. It’s the textual version of a shock jock, and apparently his act is working if he’s getting a rise out of Philly fans.

    I can’t speak with any degree of certainty, but I’d guess that this blog entry represents a very small percentage of Penguins fans. It’s better to ignore this kind of thing than to give it any credence by responding to it.

  • David Foley

    Bottom line: Pittsburgh is the red-headed step child of Pennsylvania. I’d be angry about that too if I lived there (thank God I don’t.)

    If the Penguins were a legitimate organization with loyal they wouldn’t have been on the brink of moving to Kansas City a few years back. Period, end of story.


    First and foremost, I’ve been on the Shittsburgh blog in question voicing my opinions, and generally just being an asshole over the stupid comments the Pens “fans” have been writing. Numerous “people” have written stuff like “Who cares about Harry Kalas, noone knew who he was anyway”, and things of that nature. This just proves that Shittsburgh fans are the most uneducated people in sports. Here’s a clue: Not only was Kalas a Basesball HALL OF FAME inductee, but he was ALSO a football HALL OF FAME inductee. I’ve been a Flyers fan since the days of Kevin Dineen being the captain, watching years of heartbreakingly terrible seasons. I watched Pelle Eklund struggle to complete a pass to Terry Carkner. How many Sidney Crosby fanboys and dick riders can name ANYONE on the team prior to 2004 aside from Lemieux and Jagr? And people are “jealous” of the Pens and their fans? Please. You haven’t done ANYTHING since 1992 but come up short TIME AND TIME AGAIN. In my honest opinion, unless you consistantly win CHAMPIONSHIPS, you should keep your dicksucker closed. Where was all these blogs and rants about how good the Pens are prior to 04′? In the toilet, along with your ATTENDENCE, RECORD, JERSEY SALES, AND ANY CLASS YOU HAD SINCE LEMIEUX BROUGHT SOME TO YOUR SHITHOLE TOWN. Hockey fans like to throw around the word “class”, especially as of late. According to the blog in question, the Penguins wrote the book on class. In hockey, class is defined by sportsmanship, on AND off the ice. Crosby is the face of your organization, yet he CONSISTANTLY dives, cheap shots, and chirps in the ears of referees. There’s a reason Crosby, nor ANY Pittsburg player since Ron Francis in ’98 has won the Lady Byng trophy. On this fact alone I call shenanigans on anyone spouting about class. You’re just as rowdy, mean spirited, and goon-like as us Flyers fans and players, you just refuse to admit it, hiding behind the 3 players that score 25 goals in a season on your squad. We had 6, just FYI. In conclusion, my rant has just proved a few things: 1) The word class doesn’t belong ANYWHERE near Pittsburgh 2) Before you start calling yourselves “fans”, show us that you ARE fans. In 2003, you had a NHL RECORD LOW ATTENDENCE of 11,877 “fans” per game. 2004 was, just by coincidence, the year Malkin was drafted, and deemed “The Resurgence” of the Penguins. and finally 3) Before you start spouting shit, at least do your homework. You Penguins fans have alot to learn about hockey, let alone sports in general.

  • Drj5011

    So guys i work for versus and i am part of a video crew and i could really care less about the two teams but we went into the penguins locker room to interview kennedy and just as we were about to start filming we noticed a completely nude crosby chasing a nude malkin around with a towel trying to slap him on the ass and they were both giggling like little school girls. It was pretty disturbing. After they noticed us in there malkin said im gonna get you back later tonight. I couldnt help but bust up laughing.

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