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Random Phillies Gear Sighting – #6

Posted by Kieran Kelly On April - 30 - 2009

With today’s off day, and a guest post already up about the Fightins’ I figured I’d take it easy and get one of the Random Phillies Gear Sightings that I’ve had sitting here for a while.

There are going to be a few put up with this one.

Today’s sightings come courtesy of Kevin McGuire, who runs Nittanydelphia and Macho Row.

First one comes from a Phillies game last week.

philliesringceremonygame 027.jpg

You don’t see many Kevin Millwood jerseys floating around out there, but he did throw a no-hitter for the Phils, so that’s not a bad pick. Plus, Millwood showed some respect for HK a few weeks ago.


Gotta love that he’s still showing some love for HK, who called the biggest moment of his career. (Via Uni Watch)

Kevin also sent in a shot from Penn State’s recent Blue-White game.

2009bluewhite 093.jpg

Nice to see this kid going against the grain and wearing a black Phillies hat to a Blue-White game. Gotta support those Phillies at all times.

Thanks again Kevin for sending those in.

As always be sure to send in your own Random Phillies Gear Sightings. Send them here


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  • Kevin

    Glad to help you out. Nice pick up with the Millwood hat with the HK initials. I didn’t know about that. Millwood was a good addition to the team at the time. Things just never really developed thought.

  • Kieran Kelly

    Yeah, it was a nice touch by Millwood to do that, but he got a letter from MLB telling him not to do it again. I hate those stupid rules. Let him do it if he want.s

    Millwood has been pretty good for Texas over the past few years, it’s a shame it never worked out in Philly for him.


  • John Hasson

    Total class act on Millwood’s part.

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