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Guest Post: Phillies Fans, you should be proud.

Posted by Kieran Kelly On May - 17 - 2009

8582A5D1-977A-4987-BEEA-E38930BB0EF1.jpg(Guest post brought to you by Ryan Parmer)

Around 2 pm Saturday afternoon, I decided to take the trip down to Nationals Park with two of my friends to catch the second half of the day night double header. Of course I had heard that Phillies nation was represented pretty well at the games so far in the series, but I was not aware of just how well we traveled for this series until I got there. Here are some things I saw that we as fans should be proud of…

It actually started before I got to the stadium, we took the Metro (their form of the subway) to the game and on it there was an overwhelming majority of Phillies fans. Except for the cleanliness of the Metro system, I almost felt I was on my way to a game in Philly, Nats fans almost seemed intimidated. Once there, I had to make a quick bathroom stop and there was a Phillies fan in there asking where the Nationals fans were, the only one he found was an employee at the stadium. I thought he was being sarcastic, but seriously when I looked, it was all Phillies fans around me. Our 400 level section was filled with Phillies fans, easily out numbering the Nationals fans in the section. All throughout the ballpark we heard “Lets go Phillies” and more cheers than boos when the Phillies were scoring. The Rauuuuulll call after his homerun was almost like we do it back at Citizens bank Park. After a while we decided to move around and see some of the different places in Nationals Park. Upon leaving one of the sections we heard the one song every Eagles fan knows by heart… that’s right, a group of fans was signing Fly Eagles Fly, I was impressed. Anyone who watched the broadcast probably saw the section in left field that was loaded with Phillies fans who were bowing to Raul, and leading a pretty impressive “Rauuuuullll” call every time he came up to bat. We ended up sitting in that section, and heard talks of wanting to throw back a Nationals homerun ball if one was hit out there. Could you imagine, as the home team, having your home run ball thrown back? That would have been something for Phillies nation to be proud of. Of course the rains came and the game ended after 5, but not until a few Phillies fans ran onto the field and dove and slid across the tarp, one of which slid into the legs of and took down a security guard, well done.

So congrats Phillies fans, we should be proud. We need to keep this up, it is a huge advantage to go on the road and have strong support from your fans. Imagine down the stretch, fighting for another division championship and having an away series where we need to take all 3 games. Having that kind of support will give our guys such a huge lift. Also let’s not forget New York isn’t much farther. I know we all hate it when those Mets fans come and spoil our home games. Let’s do the same to them, especially late in the season, make the trip up to Citi Field and show them how real fans support their team.

KK here: I was very impressed by the sheer amount of Phillies fans down in DC this weekend. Incredible showing for the fans. The number of Phillies fans in opposing teams’ stadiums has increased dramatically over the past few years. Let’s keep that trend going.


(Picture from Phillies Nation’s Flickr album)

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  • Kieran Kelly

    I wish I would have been able to make it down to this series. I’ll make sure to get down there soon, but after buying so many Phillies tickets, this broke college student can’t afford anything else.

    We’ll see about tickets when I get some $$. haha

    Good to see the Phils were well represented down there.


  • Estebomb

    I was there for that game and was in a section with the one passionate Nationals fan. He was cracking me up screaming for the manager to send Daniel Cabrera to Syracuse. Phils fans absolutely everywhere, it was awesome.

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