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Razor Under the Knife in Philadelphia

Posted by Chris Shafer On June - 10 - 2009

11838396-0984853a57fc5bb5c234bc924aee5b194a2fd53a-scaledFor those who saw the press conference today, you got to witness a treat. Ray Emery appeared humbled when joining Paul Holmgren in front of the Philadelphia media to announce the signing of a one year contract.  Still there are doubters that don’t think this could work, and it’s understandable. Emery has a history, but today he was humbled sitting next to GM Holmgren. If you don’t know why just watch this and tell me that you wouldn’t be.

Emery has to be good here in Philadelphia. It’s his second shot and his last shot. If you believe he thoroughly enjoyed his time shacking up with teammates for 24 hours before a game and being forced to practice until the playoffs were over even though he was out just as if it were the regular season then you don’t understand Emery’s tight leash in Russia. I’m sure he wasn’t too fond of paychecks bouncing either. The truth is Emery is on a tight leash here as well with a dirt cheap one year contract and a team that is putting a lot of pressure on him to perform out of the gate. Let’s not forget the city of Philadelphia which could turn on him at the slightest sign of weakness.

Emery has been asked to perform like he can without the off ice issues. He can be himself obviously on the ice. In fact that’s what will bring the city to his side, but if he wants to make his trip back to the NHL a lengthy one he will not be a distraction. There are plenty of eyes watching him now with Biron’s departure a near certainty. Even when his former teammate from the OHL, Jeff Carter, handed Emery his new number 29 orange jersey everyone knew what Razor would have to do to make his stay in Philadelphia an extended one.

So what do the Flyers do now? They are going to wait for the salary cap to be announced and for draft day to come. The deals will still be discussed, and unless they feel Backlund is ready to be a backup goaltender in the NHL the orange and black need a backup. The team certainly has money and certainly has valuable trade assets that will have other organizations calling. Now we are only waiting to see what will change on the blueline.

If you’re not excited about Razor though you’re missing where a young cheap goaltender who has gone to the Stanley Cup before just signed with Philadelphia. Oh, and he’s not going to take anyone’s crap; not even Biron’s.

He won’t even take Flyer UFA tough man Josh Gratton’s crap:

Oh, and he can make some saves too:

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