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Rollins gets benched, Phils get rolled

Posted by Kieran Kelly On June - 26 - 2009

Finally, Charlie Manuel decides to do something about Jimmy Rollins.

Cholly benched him for the rubber match game of the Phillies’ series with Tampa Bay, but it didn’t matter. Even after scoring 4 runs in the top of the first, the Phillies couldn’t hold the lead and ended up losing 10-4. This was starting to get ridiculous two weeks ago, now it’s just pathetic.

First, J-Roll. He just isn’t getting it done this year. Simple as that. When Manuel put him down in the six hole for a few games, I think it helped, but then he put him right back up in the leadoff spot. Jimmy should stay down in the bottom of the lineup for a bit. It can’t hurt. They’ve lost 10 of 12, but thanks to the Mets ineptitude, they’re still in first by a half game.

Second, the pitching. Antonio Bastardo was terrible last night. I think he came out and pitched well his first two games, but he only has one pitch. He cannot win games on a consistent level up in the majors with just one pitch. Kyle Kendrick managed to get around it for a year, but it eventually caught up to him. Bastardo only made it to the fourth inning last night, giving up 6 earned runs. It’s time for Ruben Amaro to go out and get someone that will help this team win. Chris, over at Long Drive, already took a look at how many of the rumored names would look in a Phillies uni. I must say, Roy Halladay looks straight up nasty in red pinstripes.

After continuing their streak of suckitude through the AL East, the Phillies meet the Blue Jays in Toronto for their next series. Cole Hamels is going tonight, so maybe they’ll actually be able to hold on to the lead tonight. Hopefully by the time the Phils return to the Bank next Friday, Amaro has gone and added a piece to the rotation. We all know they need it.


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