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Should Elton Brand Be Traded?

Posted by Mike Santa Barbara On June - 29 - 2009

Ever since acquiring Elton Brand last off season questions have risen as to whether or not Brand is right for this team. Those questions multiplied after Brand only played 29 games in his first season with Sixers before suffering a season ending injury to his shoulder which required surgery. On top of that Brand did not play well in those 29 games, he had trouble adjusting to the Sixers running style.

So the question is, should the Sixers trade Brand?

First off could the Sixers pull it off?

It would be difficult seeing as the Sixers would be admitting outwardly that the signing of Brand was a mistake. Also it’s hard to trade any player with a contract the size of his.

However, to say there wouldn’t be any interest at all is far from the truth. Rumors have already started, they’ve been quickly shot down by the Sixers and GM Ed Stefanski. Although, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Now on the other hand if the Sixers keep Brand (which I believe they will) it could be interesting to see what he brings to the team this season. Especially because Brand will be running Eddie Jordan’s Princeton system. With the pick up of Jason Kapono, and a bench that still needs to be filled, (hopefully with some more shooters) Brand could be free of double teams thus more room on the court to contribute . Brand was most effective in Los Angeles and Chicago when he had reliable options on the outside to pitch the ball out to.

Basically, putting a more well rounded team on the court will allow Elton Brand to be Elton Brand. And wouldn’t you like to see what he could do with the right pieces around him?

In the end I think it’s too early to get rid of Elton Brand. He can still be a 20 and 10 guy if surrounded by the right parts. Ed Stefanski’s job is to make that happen. July 1st free agency opens, now the Sixers will not be going after any big-ticket free agents however, they do have a bench to fill. I’m sure they are still trying to deal Samuel Dalembert which would in-turn put them in the market for 2 guard. So just because the Sixer will not be in pursuit of a big name doesn’t mean the off-season isn’t important and will not be exciting.

The Sixers will still be very busy, stay tuned. 

-Mike Santa Barbara

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