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Wednesday’s Worst: Cole’s Fashion Statement

Posted by David Foley On July - 8 - 2009

This photo comes courtesy of Deadspin and Yellaphant…supposedly that is Phils Ace Cole Hamels carrying around a very fashionable dog backpack.

“Take my word that this is the unstoppable Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels. B and I walked right past Cole and his wife Heidi at Philadelphia’s Fourth of July celebration on the parkway. We were all excited. And then he turned around. Seriously, dude?”

You gotta give Cole credit for having the stones to rock the dog bag, assuming it is actually him of course.  Congrats Cole, this may be the only time you ever take home Wednesday’s Worst!

Now for the inevitable one-liners:

- I’m not sure who’s the bigger bitch, the dog or the wife for making Cole lug this shit around. **cue rimshot**

- You know there’s a problem when the dog gets more lovin’ from the wife then Cole does. **cue rimshot**

- When they take the dog for a walk Cole must be the one who has to wear the leash. **cue rimshot**

- Just be thankful Cole that you guys don’t own a German Sheppard!

Dishonorable mentions after the jump…

Dishonorable Mentions:

Lenny Dykstra

…is bankrupt.

Are the Pacers the great white hope?

I can’t believe this is even being discussed, but some are calling out Pacers boss Larry Bird for bringing in too many white guys for his roster. Don’t have enough black athletes/coaches on your team and diseases like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton jump down your throat, but if you happen to have one too many white dudes you get called out by the media too?!? People underestimate how much reverse discrimination exists in our society today.

From Kravitz’s article:

“There is the perception, fueled in part by local and national sports talk shows, that because the Pacers imploded after the brawl and had several other off-court embarrassments that involved a select few black players, they’re overcompensating by stocking the roster with white players they perceive (and their fans perceive) to be choirboys. This overlooks the fact that since Bird got involved in the draft process, eight of the 10 Pacers draftees have been black.

Nothing to see here folks, move along.

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