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Phillies sweep the Padres in 1 game series

Posted by Kieran Kelly On July - 23 - 2009


The Fightins’ swept yet another series tonight. OK, it was only a one game makeup of an earlier rainout, but they did win, so I’m calling ti a sweep.

The 9-4 win over the Whale’s Vagina Fathers came with our supposed ace Cole Hamels on the mound. Hamels hasn’t really gotten it together so far this season, and yet the Phillies are still on a tear.

The win tonight was their 11th out of 12 and 15th out of 17. They are now 54-39, a whopping 15 games over .500. The win also closed out the season series with the Padres, winning 5 out of 7 with them.

The thing with Hamels is that he hasn’t really been getting consistent run support. In his six wins, the Phillies average 9.5 runs a game. They’ve scored a total of 7 runs in his 5 losses. That’s crazy. I understand that opposing aces usually match up against each other, but this offense needs to be putting up more runs in support of their ace.

They definitely came out in force tonight. Jayson Werth and Pete Happy had three hits apiece and Carlos Ruiz hit a solo HR.  Every Phillies starter besides Hamels had at least one hit with Ribbie leading the way with 2 RBIs. 

This Phillies team is scary good. They don’t seem to be clicking on all cylinders, and yet they’re still piling up the wins. Now San Diego is a bad team, but good teams are supposed to beat bad teams. Once this team starts getting everything going at the same time, watch out.

Maybe Hamels will start to pitch like he did last year if some pressure is taken off of him. How can Ruben Amaro do that? Acquire another ace. I think there’s someone available up in Toronto. Maybe we should call Rube and let him know.


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