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Flyers Fan Favorite 2009 (part 3)

Posted by Chris Shafer On August - 3 - 2009

gagneforsbergThere’s a very good reason why you see an image of Simon Gagne and Peter Forsberg on the screen. Gagne has of course unanimously moved on to the next round aftering taking on Matt Carle, and up this week is the Flyers mini version of Forsberg. You all now know him of course though most of you probably didn’t a year ago. This week in the 3 seeds vs. 6 seeds Claude Giroux takes on the undrafted mean kid out of Princeton University, Darroll Powe. On the other side Scott Hartnell will be taking on another young kid, Ryan Parent.

Before I get into that though I need to tally up the last run. Both decisions this time were unanimous oddly enough while Mike Richards and Jeff Carter both got votes against them as 1 seeds. Gagne somehow got 16 votes to Carle’s none, and Pronger got 14 votes to Lappy’s none. Don’t ask me how that happened, but the tallies don’t lie.

Did I mention how awesome a picture that is? It really is a shame that Forsberg always had injury problems. By the time he got here he was nothing like he was early in his career, but he certainly showed glimpses of one of the most dominant players ever to play the game. Let’s hope Giroux can continue to excel like Forsberg with his incredible vision and hockey sense.

For more rambling, though on a completely different subject, check out what Hartnell accomplished this season. It’s not all he did, but it certainly was something for the record books. You can’t tell I’m a little biased?

(Quick edit on the video since it’s clearly not my own clip: Hartnell beats up Casey BORER after hitting Brindy. There is no Casey Moore.)

So there you go. I don’t know if these will necessarily be blowouts, but I don’t expect them to be close. The real matches are coming soon so stick with it. What’s going to happen if you have to decide between Giroux and Pronger next week? These will start getting tough. I promise. (Again, sorry for the MS Paint-job. I’m still fighting with my Photoshop. It will be back as soon as it stops acting up.)









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    Giroux and hartnell, obvious choices

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    Giroux and Parent. Ryan is so underrated.

  • Sal Scaramuzzino

    Giroux and Parent. Ryan is so underrated.

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