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No longer a Birds fan? I call bullshit

Posted by Kieran Kelly On August - 19 - 2009

As of this morning, 34 of you have voted that you’re no longer a fan of the Eagles in our poll of the week.

Are you kidding me? Seriously?

I was pretty upset with the signing of Michael Vick, but there’s no way I would ever say I wasn’t a fan of the Eagles after they signed someone I didn’t like. I’ve been a fan of this team since before I can remember, and I would never just walk away like that.

I have a feeling that the people who voted this way won’t walk away from the team. You’ll still watch, and you’ll still support the Eagles. Yes, it will be hard to cheer for Vick, but he is now a member of our very own Philadelphia Eagles. I’ve got to root for him. I know I’ve threatened to just walk away in the past and never watch again, but the next week, I’m right back on my couch on Sunday afternoon watching the Birds.

Would the people who voted that they’re no longer a fan be alright with letting Vick on another team? Is the biggest problem here that Vick is an Eagle? Would you care if Vick was in some other city? I think the people that are making the most noise in this situation are the ones who could care less where Vick plays, unless it’s Philadelphia.  That’s just the way we are. We Philadelphians just don’t care about other places most of the time. I feel that people here would be the same way if Vick was in any other NFL city.

However, there are some people out there that are against Vick ever playing in the NFL again, anywhere. I disagree with that. He served his time as determined by the courts, and is still doing community outreach as a part of his sentence.  Many don’t believe that he’s truly sorry for what he did, only sorry that he got caught. He has said he’s sorry, and we have to take a man’s word, because none of us truly know him.

As the Eagles’ marketing department used to great effect a few seasons ago, the Eagles really embody the “one city, one team, one dream” motto. The Phillies have started to creep up there, but I really do believe that Philly is, and always will be, a football town. The city will tear itself apart when the Birds finally win that elusive Super Bowl.

Are you 34 people really going to miss out on that? Are you seriously going to turn your back on the Eagles? Let me know why. I’m curious to hear.

I am, and will always be, an Eagles fan. Players come and go, but the team will always be here.

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  • kevincassidy

    Hey folks. I'm still a birds fan, yeah he's got a nasty past, but hell he's a bird now and he's one of our own! I just put together some iPhone wallpapers for him on my blog, it's got a bunch of good Philly sports logos and what have you if you wanna check it out. More on the way, stay tuned!

  • tja360

    I encourage them to give up their tickets, that makes it easier for me to get some. But seriously, they will be watching the games like everyone else.

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  • Don Sabara Jr

    I'll admit that I was one of those who immediately picked, “no longer”.
    As alot of Eagles fans or Philadelphians I'm big on knee jerk reactions. I was more upset that the eagles had apparently picked Vick up as a rehab project. My thought is, if you want to rehab someone, do it on your own time. As everyone knew, it did not make that much football sense. Well, after a little bit of time and listening to some other opinions I have to agree that the man has paid his debt and should be given a chance. Whether this pans out will be seen, but let it be known that this is the ONE city that if you do not produce, you will be ousted!

  • Roman Zubarev


    Props on admitting that. Took balls.

    The more I think about it, the more I'm worried about the injuries which are piling up. Is McNabb really going to be safe behind a backup offensive line? Maybe having a couple starting caliber quarterbacks is better than having one. Now that we've got Vick, as an Eagles fan I will support his performance both on and off the field. Just hope he's got some of his old self left in him.

  • artmaniac

    Eagles fan 4ever!!! We could get TO back and I would bite lip, but never walk away from the birds. NEVER!

  • artmaniac

    Eagles fan 4ever!!! We could get TO back and I would bite lip, but never walk away from the birds. NEVER!

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