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“Pedro Martinez, You Are the Man!”

Posted by Mike Santa Barbara On September - 14 - 2009

Pedro I’m more than happy to give you this award, you’ve earned it. If being undefeated as a Phillie wasn’t good enough, you went ahead and dominated your former club the Muts. And they thought you were finished ? 

From day one in Phils pin-stripes you’ve been a class act and a great teammate. Your expectations were just as high as ours coming in and so far you’ve come through. I can’t say I ever imagined you in a Phils uniform but I’m sure I speak for all Phillies fans out there when I say we’re happy as hell to have you.  

The poise and professionalism you show on the mound can be compared to very few pitchers now or in the past. You command respect on the bump, and intimidation is your weapon of choice. Poise, professionalism, commanding respect, and intimidation, that sounds like Philly to me. 

With the ups and downs of a baseball season it can be hard for us fans to give your Fightins’ the proper attention. On top of that you had to contend with an Eagle blow out, Donovan injury news and the start of Flyers training camp.  With your lights out performance yesterday I guarantee everyone’s paying attention now. 

So what else do you have to prove? Could a spot in the playoff rotation be next for you? 

Now many people may have expected to see Sean McDermott’s name on the top of this page, but he comes up just short. Don’t get me wrong Sean McDermott did a fantastic job Week 1. The key is it’s only Week 1, sure it was a dominating performance but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s a long season and if this defense continues to play well, you’ll be sure to see Sean McDermott in this column. JJ would be proud of his boys, I know they were thinking about him all week long while preparing for the Panthers and on the field yesterday too. 

I was glad to see McDermott switch up his schemes yesterday as well. They were certainly from the Jim Johnson tree of coaching but Sean added his own spin to things. I believe it’s the most important part to him being a successful defensive coordinator. Use what Jim taught him but carve his own niche, he can’t try to be Jim Johnson, he has to be himself. 

So while the Sean McDermott’s defense was spectacular yesterday, Pedro takes it this week. Not bad for an “old goat” right? 


-Mike Santa Barbara

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