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Camp impressions, Preseason tomorrow

Posted by Chris Shafer On September - 15 - 2009

Darroll Powe teaches everyone how to be a true rock and roll star. (Image Credits: everydayno36)

The opening segment of camp is over. Tomorrow begins preseason as the Flyers travel out to Detroit to do battle in the Joe Louis Arena. We hardly ever beat the Red Wings in their arena, in fact we haven’t since 1997. Then again it is preseason so who cares? Most of us are just interested to see who is where in the lineup and how they perform.

There was also a scrimmage today. A few notes from said scrimmage:

  1. JVR had a penalty shot against Emery and made our new goalie look foolish.
  2. Emery still posted a shut out.
  3. The goalie we signed out of Europe as a prospect, Johan Backlund, gave up 5 goals; two were snipes by Carter. There was an interesting quote about this on HockeyBuzz: “Welcome to the NHL kid. Here’s a face full of Hartnell’s ass while he’s screening you and Carter is unleashing screaming wristers from all over the place.”
  4. Kolanos, not Nodl, was on a line with Richards and Gagne today. I still want to know if that’s where Holmgren sees Maroon. Maroon skated in the scrimmage but looked slow. Maybe the injury is holding him back.
  5. Mark Bell looked terrible and could soon see the chopping block.
  6. Darroll Powe is the man. He’s the first one on the ice and the last one off. He’s a complete heart and soul kind of guy. His presence on this team makes me a very happy person.
  7. Pyorala continues to impress on Carter and Hartnell’s line. It’s looking more and more like both Pyro and JVR are locks for this team. By the way, Pyro had 3 assists in the scrimmage.
  8. Mark Bell, Blair Betts, and Arron Asham were a line while Darroll Powe, Dan Carcillo, and Ian Laperriere once again played together. I like Asham, but it looks like a battle for him to jump Carcillo or Powe. If Powe or Laperriere makes it in the top nine above Maroon, Nodl, and Kolanos then Asham could still make the Flyers roster. It’s looking increasingly unlikely. There’s always a chance Asham could get onto the team as that 13th forward, but it seems like the Flyers might go with Tollefsen as their 7th defenseman meaning Asham could be in trouble.
  9. Kalinski is quietly taking care of business, but this roster is just too deep.
  10. Riley Cote has probably played his last game as a Flyer. He did injure a guy on a tryout though.
  11. Pronger is unstoppable. Carle, who was paired with him, was the best d-man of the scrimmage. Lehtivuori looked good. Jones and Parent sucked it up. Yes, Jones looked TERRIBLE. It seemed to affect Parent.
  12. Maroon started with Carter and Hartnell but was slowing the line down. Pyro jumps on the line, and they get four goals. Pyro had 3 assists of course and a goal himself on a penalty shot. Maroon did actually get a goal though. Carts and Harts each had two giving team orange the 6-3 victory. The three goals for team black were Bellemy, Lappy, and Powe on a penalty shot.


Looking good for: Mika Pyorala, Darroll Powe, James van Riemsdyk

Jury’s out on: Krys Kolanos, Andreas Nodl, Patrick Maroon, Lukas Kaspar

Looking bad for: Mark Bell, Blair Betts, Arron Asham, Riley Cote, Jonathan Kalinski, Jared Ross

Tomorrow at 7:30 PM the Flyers will be Detroit for the kick-start of the 2009 Preseason. It’ll be hard to watch, but if you know where to look you can find a free live feed. I’ll try to get a link as soon as one is available if there is one available.

What to watch for?

  • Hartnell – Carter – Pyorala: the line is SICK.
  • vanRiemsdyk – Giroux – Briere: this line is also SICK.
  • Who ends up playing with Gagne and Richards.
  • How well Carle and Pronger play together.
  • Emery is playing a couple periods.

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