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Philly Version of Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind

Posted by Roman Zubarev On October - 23 - 2009

New York’s got nothin’ on us: Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind remixed.

Mad props to NeeKo and Deana Marie.


yeah im talkin b hop
more like a balboa
never been to my city
come on wit me ill show ya
home of the fresh prince
jazzier than jeff is
back in the day doc j rock a 76
jersey just across the bridge
betsy ross walt whit
benjamin franklin
state our independence
high as kites ever since
sayin you from philly
you reap nothin but the benefits
plus its always sunny here
just in case ya unaware
citizens be bankin in
can we get another year
yeah im talkin repeat
heat like hamels
utley amazin
charlie wrote the manuel
broad street bullies
nothins flyer than a flyers fan
missin all his teeth
bobby clarke still smilin
rocky on the first step
headin to that top one
yeah thats me
we go hard where
im from

In philly
concrete jungle where dreams are made of
theres nothin you cant do
now youre in philly
these streets will make you feel brand new
these lights will inspire you
lets hear it for philly x3

back when we had sly bacon
whoops i mean cunningham
right after jaws
and right before the running man
so much wit
prolly get it from the cheesesteaks
i been out all night i just wanna sleep late
young crowd olde city
tell me where the party at
meet the girl on south street
better rock ya party cap
cruisin down city ave
headin to the boulevard
coulda grabbed the El
but they told me that it wouldnt spark
this where im comin from
who knows where we goin to
i feel like im in line for a ride
when im at tony lukes
we could lose all the trees
but we still got the roots
plus we got beans
and an eve that doesnt opt for fruit
green blood in the tube
if we need it transfused
when the mets come thru
youre gonna hear our fans boo
this is the city of the brotherly love
and if youve never been here
i suggest that you come to


now that we got vick
i think we need the vet back
tougher than a stitch
on a mitchell and ness cap
liberty bell crack
walnut chestnut
aint justa ill track
more like the best of
yeah i covered all of that
from way back to the future
with this almanac
illadelph artifax
love park heart attacks
always on the grind till i die
spillin all the facts
yeah the way im writin
youd think that im a titan
the way my penns landin
the crowd is left standin
d e mandin
one more encore
whos the new kid i never heard em before
so reggie white wit a mic
bringin hits all night
cant afford this flow
a praise for no price
they call me neeko
this is for my people
ill state of mind
everywhere we go

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  • Roman Zubarev

    Let's hear it for Phill-ay!

  • justinevans

    I'd love an MP3 of this.

  • Alex Gervasi

    yes! this is GREAT

  • Alex Gervasi

    and i agree i want an mp3

  • Christopher

    Um. That's absolutely awesome. …Does NeeKo have a site somewhere online? I couldn't find one.

  • Dave

    Does anyone have the lyrics for this?

  • Danny Faber

    This is awesome I love it

  • kris

    legit so good. kid wrote that shit soo well

  • Paige Muldoon

    I heard this on 96.5, haha. It's getting me so hyped for the World Series! Phuck tha Yanks!

  • Name

    how do get this on mp. i live in nyc grew up in phill-ay and wanna play this when the phils are beating up the yanks!!!!

  • Gregory Morris

    p h i l l y

  • Stephanie Jones

    GO PHILLY!!!

  • Ashley McConnell

    Marry me.


    Are you serious?? Ripping off a song about NYC?? This is the dumbest thing i ever heard.

  • mbnyc8

    a copy. 2nd best song. 2nd best team. runner-up song. runner-up win. Mission 27.

    New York!!!!
    We don't need no Philly Phanatic
    No cheesesteak
    Now You're in New York!!!

  • Stephanny Alvarez

    DISGUSTINGGGGGGGGG!! ewwwwwwwwwww!

  • Stephanny Alvarez


  • charles

    You don't see us remixing Philadelphia Freedom. You can keep this clown we have Jay Z.

  • jcthetruthnyc

    This is the fuckin shit. I miss Philly! Always in my heart!

    JC – The Truth

  • Derek Jeter

    How can they turn a NY song into a Phillies song? Jay-Z killed it and these ppl straight up ruined the song… NYY <3

  • phillybaby

    I really like this song neeko. yo they should play this when we win. In who's ever stadium we win in. go neeko
    This is my song now no more newyork welcome to philly baby

  • Name

    This song is off the hook!

  • CD

    Love it!

  • Dana Ferreri

    I love this remix!

  • Name

    yo neeko my version is done and im putting it up today…..send me an email and we can do a remix……

  • Name

    This is great! I am SOOO glad someone finally made a song about Philly! I've had it with New York! Lets go PHILS!!!!

  • philliesrule

    you can convert this to mp3 there!! Also, lyrics are listed next to video now.

  • Kevin O'Hara

    I heard the Phils are playing this during warm-ups tonight.

  • facebook-1457790053

    Neeko, will you marry me? Dead serious.


    Geez, i cant believe you didnt include how people from Philly are so original…
    Can you come up with one good creative idea on your own?
    Should we just rename Citizen's Bank Field – Yankee Stadium?

    (Brace your self philly – this might hurt a bit)

  • Name

    P.H.I Baby!!! Lets Go Phils!!! Yankdees hahahahaha hot song

  • James Michael Premet

    For all you Phillie fans, Necco put this one together for you. Listen up

  • lpex

    Are you serious thinking you would take the title from a Philly team? We don't need no ARoids… so Yankthees!

  • Matt Lindsay-Foothands Kenney

    You would most likely be part of a grizzly murder if you ever touched Philadelphia Freedom. And Keep Jay-Z, we got J-Werth.

  • Kelseeyy

    sooo goood ! cannot wait for toniggghht! pedro's gonna walk all over those shitty pinstripes :)

  • Name

    U cant just change new york to philly and still call it the concrete jungle. And there isnt a light in philly that inspires anything but 2nd rate rappers. The only brand new feeling your gonna get from philly is indigestion from the cheesesteaks. Back up off our ish.

  • saramommy

    this is myyyy shitttt

  • brooklynz finest

    NEW YORK !!!!
    yankeess woop dat ass
    gtfo wif ya phillysteak ass



  • Brii

    Great Job Wit This Song!
    Philly Born And Raised

  • charliewrotethemanual

    damn son. you really took it to heart, huh?

    sorry to hear about your sensitivity.

    musta really fucked with you when utley crushed two homers off your boy CC.

  • Mary Bernard

    Hysterical!! this is for Brian & Amanda!!

  • margarita823

    How can I put this on my myspace?

  • Kieran Kelly

    You don't. You delete your myspace.

  • nycest

    lmao…yall gotta hear what they're playin in ny:

  • Dwayne P

    Yanks 3 Philly 1 hahhahhaah

  • Dwayne Parham

    Yanks 3 Philly 1

  • Heidi

    and listen here if you dont like it keep negative comments to yourself!
    this wasnt meant for new yorkers it was meant for philadelphia! so how about you stop commenting out of hate! clearly our words have more depth than jay-z version. no offense towards him! and dont act like new york has never stole anything from anyone its a song cry about it! philadelphia has all there is! GO P H I L L I E S!

  • Yankeessuck

    Great song nice representing PHILLY best city there is and as for you from NY CRAP you guys got nothing on us we have Rocky and the hit king Pete Rose and Parent and The Hammer Schultz and all of ur city is scum NY CRAP giants got wrecked by the EAGLES and FLYERS are gonna kill ur rangers just like always and ur not even second rate fans ur third rate fans in a third rate city and ur worth less then the crap that covers ur streets historys about to be made coming back from 3-1 so u better keep talking about ur stock cause ur yankees are done and no one in NY CRAP is as original as Neeko to mock PHILADELPHIA FREEDOM and u idiots in NY CRAP probly dont even know what thats about so you better get ready for PHILLY cause ur done and i like the part about the FLYERS love them and screw New York yankees suck rangers suck giants suck and every other third rate team you have suck LETS GO PHILLIES!!!!!

  • nycest

    “we have rocky,” lmao…he isn't even real.

  • philllllyyydawg

    killed it. phhuck tha yankees

  • joe davis

    Let's kick it for Philly

  • yankphan22

    Plagiarize a beat,
    Plagiarize a theme,
    Phillies going down
    can't plagiarize my dream.
    You team is living in the past,
    You beleeeeeving will never last,
    Best case scenario for you,
    Is Lee and Uts on the Yankee Draft,
    The only thing real about Rocky
    Were the gloves ,
    made in the Bronx
    by EVERLAST.

    76 'er are the Bronx This Year
    in game 7 or 6
    Philly gonna shed a tear
    Philly don't let up your fear
    We gave you game 5 ,
    just kept you alive
    So our Stadium could sell more beer!

    In Phillly, Don't you know only
    won ,one home game,
    It's such a Damn shame
    In Phillleeeeeee
    All of your streets are tooo narrow
    Theres nothing can do
    When your in Phileeeee
    Kiss away your tittle its over
    Your Phan looks like Grover.

    Maybe its the Cheese steak
    Maybe ts the Cream Cheese
    Your city is covered in
    smothered in a cheesy scheme.
    Talking bout the Fresh Prince?
    What you think it's 93'
    The only thing PA got going on,
    is QVC
    Philly payroll better get
    itself on Easy Pay

    Liberty Bell Crack,
    Is that what your smoking?
    You can call it whatever
    Cuz your team is choking.

    In Philly
    every one has such a attitude
    you must be just born rude
    In Philleeee,
    The PPA will come tow your car a-way
    You wont stay one more day.

    A bank owns your stadium
    and you aint like what the heck
    Did it enter your cranium?
    Or should I write another cheque?

    Everyones a sell out
    Everythings been privatized
    Including this wack ass Philly song
    that you Plagiarized
    When we pluck Lee and Utley
    don't you act surprised

    In Philleeeeeee……

  • Ben

    Fuck yeah man… Go Phils

  • chelsayyy

    this is hotttt as shittt i love itt<3

  • Yanks

    Who brags about havin jersey close by… HA!

  • Felicia

    Great lyrics!

  • facebook-1037715853

    GO PEDRO!!!

  • hahahha


  • Lisa

    Who cares about some retarded ass Yankees????? Phillies took it home last year. and they will do it again!!! get your ice packs ready, cause when the skanks get their asses whooped in their own home, your faces may sting for a while!!! hahahaha


    Philly is the worst city in America and this song is terrible. DOO DOO.

  • Jay

    yo this is soooo beat…. people of philly are you serious??? you guys are wack and have no creativity at all… come on now u takin our anthem and tryin to add philly to it… please man….. ya cant see us forreal man…. philly swear they like new york but you guys aint at our level… 27 titles baby count them…. and for however made this song…. your wack man…. seriously…. be original…. wackk to the fullest…

  • Kevin

    actual JAy Z is from central Jersey. Not new york

  • Yankeessuck

    so your anthem is a song written by jay z?? our anthem is written by a legend named Sir Elton John not some bum who makes a new song every other week about how he had sex with someones wife and how he grew up on the “tough streets of new york” and cant think of words to rhyme so he adds things like cheerios into his “raps” so what im saying is jay-z is second rate just like everything in new york and Sir Elton is forever better then him

  • JMS

    How/where do I buy this song?

  • Kieran Kelly

    You don’t have to buy it anywhere.

    If you get the URL of the YouTube Video ( and go to, it will download an mp3 for you.


  • Devon

    i have the mp3 (:

  • Devon Nicole Solley

    you dont like the song, dont fuckin listen to it asshole

  • tony

    Um Rocky is fake, Phillies are the worst team in sports history, Eagles have never won a Super Bowl, Flyers are chokers, Sixers are nothing since AI. Your best team is the Philly Kixx indoor soccer team. Face it Philly, you suck. Lets here it for the losers!!!!!!! Go Yanks!!!Go NY!!

  • philadelphiaisafuckingjoke

    this is fucking horrid. is philly even a city?

  • philadelphiaisafuckingjoke

    this is fucking horrid. is philly even a city?

  • Yankeessuck

    ok the Eagles are the best team currently and i cant wait till next october for HALLoween so HALLaday can destroy you loser yankees and frank sinatra is from New Jersey as well as Jay-Z and the empire state building is in New Jersey and so is the statue of liberty shows how smart people are from new york are your cities a joke

  • brandon

    DEENA MARIE is my uncles cousins mom

  • brandon

    ur a fagget pussy man. you sucks dick just like every player on the yankees.and this is how u spel philly bitch

  • brandon

    the YANKS suck ur black centimeter peter( it means dick for the uneducated yankees fans

  • Nicky

    All right Phil-lay!! Let's go!!!

  • Joshua

    Coolest thing ever!!!!

  • coolfool277

    the only reason y the fuckees 1 is bcuz half of the fuckees are on steriods gooo philly

  • Cynette Fleming

    listen to Philly version of new york state of mind.

  • j leo

    love this song, want to be able to post because most philly n so. jersey peeps never heard it

  • PhiladelphiaSUX

    LOL the EAGLES ARE A JOKE..YOU DIDNT WIN THE WS last year and you didnt win it this year..BTW THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING IS IN that PA edumacation is hilarious..Jayz is from Bed Sty..Wtf does NJ have to do with PHiladelphia?..Plus you got idiots claiming Rocky who is a FICTIONAL CHARACTOR MADE UP BY A NEW YORKER..KEep riding NY's dick like you always do

  • philly

    Philly is more significant than NYC though because of its history and its present

  • Reginafitz

    How can I get this on itunes? or something..

  • Anthonyconnor32

    i love philly southwest

  • Anthonyconnor32

    i love philly southwest

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