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Ryan Howard not amongst the top 100 of the ’00s? Pssshhh..

Posted by Kieran Kelly On December - 15 - 2009

Ryan Howard MeditationSo ESPN’s Rob Neyer posted an article yesterday about the “Top 100 Players of the Decade.” You can read it here.

Neyer based his rankings on, quoting from his article;

I took a shortcut, ranking the players (including pitchers) by wins above replacement (with a great deal of help from Baseball From there, it was relatively easy to arbitrarily bump players up and down the list based on quality of competition, postseason performance and pure excellence. (Six great seasons are better than eight good ones.)

Going through the list, a few former Phillies are on the list. Scott Rolen at #11. Bobby Abreu at #16. Curt Schilling at #21. J.D. Drew (technically not a former Phillie) at #22. Jim Thome and Pedro Martinez are at 27 and 28 respectively.

The first current Phillie on the list is Chase Utley at #37. After that comes Placido Polanco at #46, J-Roll at #52, and Jamie Moyer rounds out the list at #100.

Notice anyone missing? Yup, the Big Piece.

How can you put a list together of the top 100 players of the 2000′s and not include Ryan Howard? He has pretty much singlehandedly changed the Philadelphia Phillies organization.  During his time here, he, along with Uts and J-Roll, have turned the franchise from a sad-sack loser into a consistent winner, not to mention being a Rookie of the Year, NL MVP, and NLCS MVP.

During his six seasons, which all came during this decade obviously, Howard has 222 HRs. He was the fastest player in major league history to get to 200.  He also has 640 RBI, averaging 142 over a full season.

To have a list like this and not include Ryan Howard is ridiculous. It doesn’t matter what “wins over a replacement player” value someone has. Ryan Howard is easily amongst the top 100 players of the game, if not the top 10.

If a “blogger” had put up this piece, traditional media would have a field day with it. However, since he works for ESPN, which is hardly the source for credible news these days, he can get away with it.

There is no way a list like this should come out and Ryan Howard not be on it.

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