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McGwire finally admits to steroids, where does that leave Ryan Howard?

Posted by Kieran Kelly On January - 13 - 2010

Howard_Away.jpgSince Mark McGwire finally decided to admit to something that everyone and their mother knew 10 years ago, we can all move on past the “Steroid Era.”

I’ve been reading some articles and posts on the Interwebs the past few days and some people are making some pretty ridiculous statements. Since McGwire has come out and admitted to taking steroids during his peak, many are arguing that his stats be stricken from the record book. If that would happen, it would obviously elevate Ryan Howard’s 58 home runs up the all time home run record list.

I have a big issue with this. If you think about it, what Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Jose Canseco, etc. did during the 1990s was legal. It may have been immoral, but it wasn’t really against the rules. As McGwire alluded to during his interview with Bob Costas, he started using steroids to get healthy after an injury, and continued to use them during his injury riddled career. The increased strength was just a side affect in his eyes.

With RyHo never showing any signs of being “on the juice,” there is really no reason to doubt his power. Hell, he has a brother that is even bigger than he is. I think it’s fair to say that his power is all natural. With that being said, the records attained during the Steroid Era should all stand. They were all done and we witnessed them with our own eyes. That was how baseball was during that time and it shouldn’t change. Sorry Ryan, but you’ll just need to hit at least 60 to get back up into the top 5 of the record books.

Steroids were a huge part of baseball during the 1990s. That era was during my childhood years, so I grew up watching the home run races between Sosa and McGwire. It got so many people back into baseball after the strike of 1994 that baseball kind of turned a blind eye to what was going on in order to grow baseball back to where it was prior to 1994.

The game was different back then, and we’ll all have to acknowledge that fact. Players such as McGwire are now eligible for the Hall of Fame. Voters are having a tough time in regard to voting them in, but they have to weigh that player against the era in which they played, not amongst the entire history of baseball. It’s going to be interesting to see how voters take to voting in players from this era.

This kind of got off topic, but it boils down to this: records from this era aren’t going to go away, no matter how much some people may want them too.

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  • tommymacwfc

    the strike was in 1994

  • kevin

    The Phils went to the WS in 93 – after a complete season. I think the strike was in 1994.

    Even though baseball wasn't actively banning steroid use in the 90s, i still think steroid use was illegal without a prescription – could be wrong about that though.

  • Kieran Kelly

    You guys are both right. Thank you for pointing that out and I apologize for the mistake.

  • joegallagher

    completely agree. not that i love what these guys did, but they we sure fun to watch and did many great things for the game. and you have to remember that plenty of pitchers have admitted to using steroids or other forms of HGH, so it is not like the hitters had a complete advantage.

  • StereoID

    I don't blame him for taking steroids. It was his fault as well, but the main guilt should be directed to the major investors that channeled billions of dollars in sport teams and after that, they put a lot of pressure on players to get results, the best results.
    buy steroids

  • helperr

    We see athletes as the modern gladiators. We admire them for their strength, skill and dedication. We also admire medicine for it's advancements. What I wouldn't like to admire in an athlete is medicine. Another idea would be to allow all of them to use whatever they want and a freak Olympics. Than anyone who wants a personal upgrade there are steroids for sale. I'd get them myself if I knew there are no damaging side effects.

  • steroids effects

    Athletes often used steroids to increase there performance in the field.. There are so many players that use it and most of them has been caught also.. They should never take it as its totally against the rules of the game and they should respect it..

  • Anonymous

    it leaves him as a great steroid using player.

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