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"But, but, Mommy he actually hit me into the boards! He's so mean!"

There are certain things I try to stay away from when writing for this website, like using any type of racial slur, complimenting Cindy Crybaby, or defending Andy Reid. Working Nazis into my posts is also typically on this list but I guess Mike Boone sees things a bit differently.

An exerpt from his blog post on The Gazette’s “Habs Inside/Out” blog:

“There’s not a franchise in sports I hate more than the Philadlphia Flyers.” [Ed Note - Misspelling is on his end, not mine. It's called spell check, genius]

“Not the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Not the New York Yankees.

Not the Dallas Cowboys or L.A. Lakers.

No, you’d have to have an Olympic Games flashback to 1936 and watch the pride of Hitler’s Germany marching into the Berlin stadium to match the feeling of revulsion I experience every time I see the Flyers play.

Especially against the Canadiens.”

Comparing your hatred of maniacs who murdered millions of Jews to watching a hockey team play…classy! Now I get that Mr. Boone doesn’t appreciate our team’s physical style of play, but I’d take watching a hard-hitting team over a crappy under-performing clutch and grab group like the Canadiens any day. I’d also expect a bit more professionalism out of a guy writing for a actual newspaper’s sports blog.

“There is no way these cheap-shot thugs are taking two Ws in as many nights.”

Doesn’t this comment just reek of something you’d read in the comments of an story? I guess four Montreal players throwing punches and tackling Chris Pronger at the end of yesterday’s game wasn’t “cheap” then Mike? The Flyers clearly weren’t the only team getting rough on the ice at the Wach last night.

If you hate watching the Flyers play so much Mr. Boone, I suggest you change the channel, keep your idiotic opinions to yourself, and shut the hell up.

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  • facebook-704432056

    HA! Awesome! I'm glad he hates us that much. I can't WAIT to see what he writes about after we stomp the Canadians again tonight!

  • Malaykey

    And i'm sure you think that the first goal is good… I don't agree on the Boone's word, but you don't have to say anythings to make you smart. In the NHL, you have 2 of the 4 disgrass of that league: Carcillo, and in the past you have Downie, the other was Avery and Bettman. Quand vous commencerez a jouer au hockey comme du monde vous viendrez dire que les Flyers sont bon. 2 years ago, it's Biron and Umberger who play over their head to beat MTL, beside of that you'll never beat us. BE REALISTIC

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  • David Foley

    Did you just get so mad while typing that you started babbling in French? If so, that's hilarious!

    6-2. 'Nuff said.

  • cw


  • ivand66

    “Cindy Crybaby”

    Doesn’t this comment just reek of something you’d read in the comments of an story?

    I love that you put sportswriter in quotation marks when criticizing this blogger guy from Montreal, but then you drop the Cindy bomb right after. Completely delegitimized anything you had to say after that. Crosby must really be in your head if you have to mention him on posts that have nothing to do with the Penguins or the NHL's marketing.

    Funny that you drop the crying thing when you yourself are crying about some dumb comment a Habs blogger made. Waaaaah! I bet you haven't criticized all the neanderthals at Flyers games who shout obscenities every game though.

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  • David Foley

    Ivand66…I've just gotten so used to calling Cindy, errr, Sidney that over the years that it has stuck permanently. Maybe is she/he ever gets a personality and some toughness then I'll respect her/him.

    You don't like it? TOUGH! This is a Philly sports blog, get over it. I'm giving an opinion and not trying to masquerade as a “professional” like Mike Boone. Stick to PensBlog if my opinion of Cindy hurts your delicate feelings.

  • ivand66

    It doesn't hurt my feelings in the least, I just thought it was humorous that you were questioning his professionalism by putting sportswriter in quotes, then you throw out the good old Cindy Crybaby thing, as if that doesn't reek of something you would read in the comments section on That's somewhat hypocritical, I think.

    As for Crosby not having a personality or not being tough, well, your deluded perception of him is obviously clouding your judgement. First, on his toughness, his physical play and his ability to stand up for himself on the ice speaks for itself, and he has a rather respectable fighting history for a player of his superstar caliber.

    As for his personality, it's actually quite commendable how he handles himself off the ice. He is mature beyond his years and I actually think it's a good thing to handle yourself like a pro the way he does, unlike Mike Richards, who has had a few run-ins with the media in Philly, and Ovechkin, who tells people that being suspended will make him “more angry”. Crosby's approach might be boring, but to say he has no personality is ridiculous, because you simply don't know the dude.

  • David Foley

    Allow me to state my case with YouTube videos, since it seems you'll deem anything I say here to be “biased”. – He's “tough” eh? – and I'm not the only one who thinks he's a whiner.

    For how much the NHL shoves this guy down everyone's throats, and for how many BS calls the Penguins get night in and night out, it shouldn't surprise you at all that so many of us out there hate him.

  • ivand66

    Wow that first video is pathetic. Some Flyers fan was so pissed after Crosby kicked the Flyers' asses for the 2nd consecutive year that he puts up a video a couple days after Crosby hoisted the Cup in Detroit. Ha. Talk about sour grapes.

    You actually think I'm gonna waste my time watching a 7-minute video made by some Crosby-obsessed Flyers fan of him being hit? As if all NHL players don't talk to the refs when they think someone got away with a penalty.

    He's a top player. Defensemen have to work extra hard with him and they take shots at him all the time. Of course he's gonna complain to the refs about it from time to time. It's so pathetic that you would even link that video

    They put video of him injuring his ankle 2 years ago. I closed it right after that. He's a whiner and a baby because he got injured in a freak accident while trying to score? That video proves he's human. Good job! You could have done what the average Flyers fan usually does which is link to the video of the Derian Hatcher incident. You know, the game about 5 years ago in which Crosby started to torture your team with his first overtime goal in the NHL?

    As for that pathetic ESPN poll, well, jealous people like you, the Philly media, Ovechkin bandwagoners and other jealous fans like that retard who put that up on YouTube have done a pretty decent job trying to his reputation. Players are on the Internet nowadays and Crosby has been the face of the league for a while now, so they will pick up on stuff like that. Big deal. It was a small fraction of the players anyway, and you know what, if all you can say about Crosby is that he talks to the refs often, then that's totally fine by me. Like Lemieux in the mid 90's, he has to put up with a lot of abuse and it's his right to talk to the refs as team captain. That hardly means he's a whiner. If he was really a whiner he'd complain to the media, which he's never done.

    And too bad that people with half a brain, like Steve Yzerman, seem to completely disagree with you on Crosby:

    “We played against him twice in the Stanley Cup finals. His game has evolved every year, he’s a complete player much like Michael Jordan in basketball. Every year they tried to find something wrong in his game and he got better and better at everything. Not that anyone has ever criticized Sidney’s game, but you’ve watched every part of his game improve. We’ve seen it firsthand to our dismay in the Stanley Cup finals last year.”

    I could go on and on and find the link of that poll of the majority of NHL GMs saying they'd chose him over anyone to start a franchise, and all the praise he gets from opposing coaches and players like Martin Brodeur and so many others. But it doesn't matter what he does, you've already mentioned that you won't even compliment him, because you're completely biased and so obviously jealous, so what's the point?

    Oh and we get BS calls and the Flyers don't? Haha! Our team is better and more skilled. We'll continue to get more power plays. Not like the Flyers don't get a ton of BS calls themselves, like that clipping penalty on Letang 2 years ago in the playoffs.

    Enjoy the inferiority complex and keep calling Crosby names. Whatever helps you sleep at night I guess.

  • JamesCraven

    Ed Snider should, no wait, must demand an apology from this racist cracker.

  • hockey fan

    at least the montreal players didnt bite people *cough* scott hartnell *cough*

  • David Foley

    Wow. Inferiority complex?!? You make it seem like there is a massive media conspiracy against Cindy when it's exactly the opposite. Do you even WATCH hockey? Do you see the favorable calls the Penguins get night in and night out?

    If you actually watched that first video too you'd see a solid four minutes of Crosby dives and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I'll never convince you your precious Crybaby is a hack so I'm done with this debate, but the opinions of Cindy's fellow NHLers don't lie!

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