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Taking a closer look at the Eagles 2010 schedule

Posted by Dany Sloan On April - 21 - 2010

Last year the schedule gods dealt the Eagles an easy hand with a lot of weak teams to beat up on, but this year the difficulty level is kicked up a few notches. Tougher opponents, a new QB at the helm, and a much younger lineup should make this an extremely interesting season, and one of the most significantly different teams in nearly a decade.

On paper it looks like the Birds could easily take 8 or 9 of these games, but the results of the draft could change all of that. Let’s look at a few of the more significant match-ups to see what they mean for the team and what storylines they’ll reveal, especially the always interesting NFC East battles.

Week 1 / Sunday 09.12: Green Bay Packers @ Eagles (4.15pm)
This is no Carolina match-up. This will be a tough opponent to face to start things off, and it will be a great forum in which to compare the oft-associated Aaron Rodgers and Kevin Kolb.

Week 2 / Sunday 09.19: Eagles @ Detroit Lions (1.00pm)
Week 3 / Sunday 09.26: Eagles @ Jacksonville Jaguars (4.05pm)

Week 4 / Sunday 10.03: Washington Redskins @ Eagles (4.15pm)
This should be a prime time game – there will be no bigger storyline this week.  As soon as the Birds hit the locker rooms in Jacksonville the week before, the heads will begin to speculate on what it will be like for Donovan McNabb to return to Philly.  It’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster, especially if you wanted him to stay.  One thing’s for sure: expect fans to give him the Dawkins treatment – a rousing standing ovation.  He sure as hell deserves it.

Week 5 / Sunday 10.10: Eagles @ San Francisco 49ers (8.20pm)
Week 6 / Sunday 10.17: Atlanta Falcons @ Eagles (1.00pm)
Week 7 / Sunday 10.24: Eagles @ Tennessee Titans (1.00pm)
Week 8 / BYE

Week 9 / Sunday 11.07: Indianapolis Colts @ Eagles (4.15pm)
Peyton Manning is the greatest player currently in the NFL, and this game is worth it just to see him on the field at the Linc.  Expect this to be a very tough match-up for the Birds.

Week 10 / Monday 11.15: Eagles @ Washington Redskins (8.30pm)

Week 11 / Sunday 11.21: NY Giants @ Eagles (8.20pm)
After sweeping the Giants last season, the Birds will obviously want to keep that streak going.  The battles between the teams are always legendary, and expect an added wrinkle this year with our new, young quarterback.

Week 12 / Sunday 11.28: Eagles @ Chicago Bears (1.00pm)

Week 13 / Thursday 12.02: Houston Texans @ Eagles (8.20pm)
Texans QB Matt Schaub is a West Chester area native, and it’s always good to see a local boy come and play against the team he likely grew up rooting for.

Week 14 / Sunday 12.12: Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys (8.20pm)

The Eagles head to Jerry’s World for a marquee match-up underneath the 60-square mile video screen.  Playing in Dallas is never easy – as was evidenced by the dual disappointments last season.  These losses didn’t sit well with the fanbase or the team, so expect the Birds to be looking for revenge.
Week 15 / Sunday 12.19: Eagles @ NY Giants (1.00pm)

Week 16 / Sunday 12.26: Minnesota Vikings @ Eagles (1.00pm)
Old man Favre, if he decides to play this season, will likely make his last professional appearance in Philadelphia.  Expect there to be a lot of media attention on this game.

Week 17 / Sunday 01.02: Dallas Cowboys @ Eagles (1.00pm)

This will be THE game, it always is.  Whenever the Cowboys come to Philly, it brings everyone out of the woodwork – the hardcores, the casuals, and the worst fans of all – the bandwagon Dallas fans from the Delaware Valley.  If the Eagles are competitive by this point, they will be likely duking it out with Dallas for playoff positions.  As always, this will be a gem not to be missed.

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