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Mini camp breaks with “sense of the unknown”

Posted by Dany Sloan On May - 3 - 2010

In an interview with ESPN yesterday, newly minted starting quarterback Kevin Kolb had an air of confidence about the weekend’s mini-camp, but he also countered it by saying that there is a “sense of the unknown” around this year’s team.

The man’s observations are correct. Despite the return of big names like DeSean Jackson, Brent Celek, Trent Cole, and Stewart Bradley, this new edition Eagles team is full of new faces. Their average age clocks in right around 25.

There is also a palpable sense of enthusiasm and “we can do anything” attitude around these guys. Look no further than the playful attitude of Celek, Bradley, and second-year running back LeSean McCoy on Twitter, or DeSean Jackson’s public comments about his confidence in Kolb. The NFC East may be a tough division, but this inexperienced bunch looks like they’re ready to battle.

Over the weekend, I kept a close eye on two journalists that were at the mini-camp: the Inquirer’s Jeff McLane and the NewsJournal’s Geoff Mosher, both of whom were able to see the initial interactions between all of the new players. Here are some of the more notable developments.

- Celek is a favorite target on Kolb (Mosher, April 30)
- Asante Samuel yells, “New management! New leadership! Let’s win it all!” (Mosher, April 30)
- Gotta say there’s an odd feeling out here with no No. 5 in red. (McLane, April 30)
- Vick has looked OK at backup. Both QBs are mostly throwing short to midrange passes. (Mosher, April 30)
- Someone driving by practice on Broad St. yelled, “McNabb.” (McLane, April 30)
- In regards to the team’s leaders, the names floating to the top include Celek, Mikell, Kolb, Cole, Weaver, and Herremans (Mosher, April 30)
- Nate Allen, in case it wasn’t clear, didn’t not fully participate in practice. The #Eagles are easing him in because of a quad strain. (McLane, April 30)
- DE Vic Abiamiri had microfracture left knee surgery Feb. 9. He can’t run until August and training camp in doubt. (Mosher, April 30)
- DeSean might be the team’s best tackling cornerback (Mosher, May 1)
- I’ll say this for (new QB Mike) Kafka: he makes quick decisions, doesn’t hold onto the ball (Mosher, May 1)
- WR Riley Cooper is slow. (McLane, May 1)
- Wow. Flashback of Mike Vick, circa 2004. Took off in the blink of an eye. (Mosher, May 1)
- Ernie Sims is fast. (Mosher, May 1)
- #Eagles DC Sean McDermott was all smiles after practice today. The D dominated the O during team drills. (McLane, May 1)
- You’re starting to see the old Vick again (Mosher, May 2)

While this mini-camp hasn’t revealed much, it’s great to see Kolb leading the charge, and the interactions between many of the new players. This team is good, but certain questions remain. How good are they stacked up against last year’s team and the rest of the NFC East?

This will be a real transition season, and as much as the front office doesn’t want to admit it, the Eagles are rebuilding. We’ll have to wait and see if team can avoid the typical losses of a team in transition.

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