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Carter or Lappy in for game 4?

Posted by Chris Shafer On May - 21 - 2010

I hope that we all learned a lesson from that game. Even if we had two straight shut-outs to take a 2-0 lead, we can’t throw a party just yet. San Jose or Chicago will have to wait. We have to take the Canadiens out first.

And after a 5-1 win on home ice, they’re pretty cocky.

They have a right to be though. They out-skated us, matched our physicality, beat us to loose pucks, created havoc in our zone, got to rebounds around Leighton while working in front of the net, and stole numerous turnovers. The tables turned quickly.

We cannot have a game like that again, and I’m sure Laviolette’s doing his best to make sure we won’t. Four straight times the Flyers have come out sluggish. They have to be awake for this early Saturday start tomorrow at 3 P.M. They can’t let the Canadiens skate around for a period and hope to make it up later in the game.

Laviolette said himself that he wants to play this series with a lead. He has his team up 2-1 with a crucial game 3 in Montreal staring him down. This is the one team you don’t want to take to seven games. They can beat anyone if you give them the chance.

One thing that needs to be better in particular is the Pronger-Carle pairing. Pronger is sick right now, so there’s a little bit of an excuse there. Still the rest of the team can’t be lulled to sleep or left stupified by the atmosphere at the Bell Centre.

It can’t all be pinned on Pronger’s illness though. We skated like crap. We should have at least competed with them even if Pronger isn’t 100%.

We’ll have to wait and see how the Flyers come out tomorrow.

On another note, it’s possible that either Carter or Laperriere take the ice again for game 4. They both practiced with the team today, but despite a lot of noise, there are plenty of conflicting rumors. Some say it will be Lappy. Others say it will be Carter. We’ll know more right before game time. I think the organization is playing it by ear.

Either will be a boost, but don’t expect Carter to be slotted down the middle right away if it is him. They did have him centering some at practice, but down the middle the Flyers have looked good with the exception of last night.

There you have it. We’ll know just how much fight is left in this team tomorrow; how much they want to control their own fate. Laviolette is angry (use your imagination with the expletives). Pronger and Richards are too. The team felt they were embarrassed, and they all say they don’t want to be embarrassed again.

The crowd will be loud though. Let’s see how much resilience we have. We have shut them up before.

Here’s a little something courtesy of Montreal:

Let’s shove it right back in their face.

Get ready for game 5 regardless. Let’s show them how loud we can get.

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