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Phillies rough up the Yanks, go 3-3 on AL East roadtrip

Posted by Kieran Kelly On June - 17 - 2010

KendrickGray.jpgHeading into this week’s road trip, it didn’t look good for the Phillies. Six games against the AL East powers Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. The Fightins were struggling and it looked like it could get worse.

It did get worse after the Phillies looked terrible in their 3 game series with Boston and the series with the Yankees loomed ahead. After the Yuckees roughed up Roy Halladay, the Phillies had Jamie Moyer and Kyle Kendrick up next. Uh-oh.

To everyone’s surprise, Moyer & Kendrick shut down the Yankees’ offense and the Phillies’ offense actually showed signs of life, scoring 13 runs in the last 2 games. It amazes me that Moyer and Kendrick baffled the Yankees after Doc struggled, but a W is a W and the Phillies will take them any way they can.

The past two games reminded me of the way that the Phillies were playing earlier this season. They got solid pitching performances and the offense pounded out some runs.

With the team getting closer to full health, performances like this should become more regular. Jimmy Rollins & J.A. Happ are starting their rehabs, so they should be along shortly. The Phillies were rolling when they were healthy, and they will soon be healthy again.

A week ago, it seemed all doom & gloom with this team, but after this 3 game series against the Yanks, it appears as if the Phils may be close to turning a corner.

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