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Don’t measure the Eagles by the preseason

Posted by Dany Sloan On August - 29 - 2010

Taking too much stock in preseason football can make a pessimist out of even the most positive fan. This team has taken their lumps in many of the expected areas, and while the playoffs seem like a longshot this year, things are not all bad.

The outcome of a season can never be based on the results of the preseason, especially when the starters only see action in six quarters over the course of four games. These games are more about figuring out chemistry and fleshing out the roster.

With 75 players still in camp, there’s a lot of trimming needed to be done to get down to 53. We now know that guys like receiver Riley Cooper, defensive end Daniel Te’o-Nesheim, and tight end Clay Harbor will be important additions to the 2010 Eagles team. Training camp and the three preseason games played so far helped these guys rise to the top of a very crowded fray.

Look at the rest of the NFC East and their preseason slate. Things haven’t looked good for “America’s Team” Dallas Cowboys, who all of the experts are already calling Super Bowl-bound. With a terrible offense that has not scored more than 16 points in any game, they’ve looked like shit. I doubt that anyone is worried, especially not their smug fans.

Just down 95, things aren’t so nice in Washington, D.C. Donovan McNabb is – wait for it – injured yet again, and likely will not be ready for the season opener. Offensively and defensively these guys are just not gelling.

Boy wonder Eli Manning has gotten battered, and he and his Giants got absolutely clowned by the Ravens yesterday. Granted Baltimore is a very good team, but judging a team’s worth by the score in the preseason is as ineffective as picking a Cy Young winner strictly on the games won.

As the Birds come home to face the Jets in their final matchup before the regular season begins, the starters will be sitting in lieu of the guys on the bench. Will it be nice to win the game? Sure, but it won’t mean anything.

While some disappointing things have happened this preseason, fans have seen just as many good things go down as well. The Eagles have a tough road ahead of them, so it’s going to take the first team consistent playing time together before we judge this season a bust or not.

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