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Sixers deal Smith, Green to Hornets in four-player deal

Posted by Mike Santa Barbara On September - 23 - 2010

Amidst the craziness that is the Philadelphia sports scene lately, it’s safe to say the Sixers aren’t being discussed around the water cooler in your office. 

However, that doesn’t mean the Sixers aren’t making moves.

On Thursday the Sixers made a deal with the New Orleans Hornets. Sending longest tenured Sixer, Willie Green, and former 1st round pick Jason Smith to the Hornets in exchange for big man Darius Songaila and 21st overall pick in this years draft, Craig Brackins. 

The deal seems to be a win for the Sixers, and down right baffling from the Hornets end. 

Green, while a veteran, doesn’t have the tools to play productive minutes. Jason Smith had shown flashes of perhaps becoming a talented and versatile player down low, but injuries have taken that spark away. 

Songaila is a decent shooter but probably won’t contribute too much to the team in the form of minutes. 

Brackins is an athletic big man, standing 6″10, who has the ability to shoot from outside. Brackins was the 21st pick in the 1st round by Oklahoma City before being traded to the Hornets. Brackins is a player whose reportedly been on Rod Thorn’s radar for a few years now. Some scouting reports claim that Brackins would have easily been a lottery pick had he come out a year ago. 

Clearly the 76ers are changing the culture of this team. For once embracing the athletic ability of the current roster and surrounding that talent with equally athletic players with an importance on those players ability to shoot from outside. The Sixers will be a defense first team, though you’re slowly starting to see the creation of what kind of offensive attack they hope to bring this season. 

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    they hope to bring this season.,i hope they can do it.

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