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5 ways to make Madden 2011 more realistic

Posted by David Foley On November - 13 - 2009

Madden NFL 2010 is being lauded as the best game in the series’ history, but there is still a lot of work for EA to do if they truly want to make this the most realistic football game ever. That, ladies and gentlemen, is where I come in. Here are five additions that could push Madden 2011 over the top, in no particular order…you can thank me later EA.

Manning Face!1.) The “Manning Face.”

No Giants loss is complete without the amazingly sulky, befuddled awesomeness that is the “Manning Face.” It even has it’s own website for crying out loud! Any time Eli (or to a lesser extent Peyton) throws three or more INTs in a Madden game we should be treated to several sideline shots of the Manning Face in all it’s glory. Between play shots of Archie watching disappointedly in the crowd would be an optional, but fitting addition as well.

2.) Appropriate “Brett Favre Lingo”

Let’s face it, if EA really wants Madden to be true to real life they’ll need to record some special commentary for any game Brett Favre plays in. Suggested phrases should include but not be limited to: “He’s just having fun out there!” “What a throw by the old gunslinger!” “That’s a vintage Brett Favre moment right there!” and of course after every Favre INT, “That was clearly the receiver’s fault!” The game should also be programmed so that any time a team with Favre as the starter makes it to a Conference Championship game he self-destructs, throws five INTs, and single-handedly loses the game.

3.) More realistic injuries and suspensions

Injuries play such a huge role in the modern day NFL, and they really aren’t done justice in Madden 2010. Particularly injury-prone players should get hurt more often, and the appropriate “probable, questionable, doubtful, etc.” terms should be introduced for the injury report. That way Brian Westbrook can be listed as “questionable” every week just like real life!

A “discipline” rating should also be added for each player and fines/suspensions should be randomly doled out for bad behavior/positive drug tests/crapping in sleeping women’s closets.

Every Cowboys fan that sees this will want to hang themselves.4.) Long snapper and holder minigame

Extra points and field goals are an afterthought in Madden each year, but that is about to change. Now the player gets to control the long snapper by flicking the analog stick to replicate hiking the ball, and then control the holder to get the ball set for the kicker. Adding to the realism, if you decide to create a long snapper in Superstar mode you spend a vast majority of your time standing around on the sidelines, and everytime you screw up you get cut the next day.

For a funny result try getting a snap down with Tony Romo as your holder!

5.) Custom TD celebrations

The FIFA series has the right idea by letting you control a player after he scores a goal and do custom celebrations using the left and right analog sticks. This needs to be taken the the next level in Madden: I’m talking fully customized end zone celebrations. Whip out that Sharpie to autograph the ball for a lucky fan! Pull off the Lambeau leap as Chad Ochocinco! Toss the ball away before actually crossing the goalline to the utter dismay of your team’s fans and your fantasy owners!

An Ode to J-Roll, and the Philly Top Phive

Posted by David Foley On June - 23 - 2009
J-Roll Whiff

If J-Roll keeps flirting with the Mendoza Line we might start mistaking him for Kevin Elster.

Jimmy Rollins doesn’t play well until September rolls around…I get it. That’s fine, and I don’t doubt he’ll turn his season around at some point like he did back in ’08. At the same time I think we need to take a minute to marvel at how bad he has been so far this season.
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