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Random Phillies Gear Sighting – #7

Posted by Kieran Kelly On July - 22 - 2009

The Random Phillies Gear Sightings have been on a bit of a break recently, but I got a submission from someone on Twitter, so here it is.

Today’s sighting comes from Miss Bee. She put up the picture on Twitter, but I’ll just post it here.


Miss Bee tells me that this bench is located on SEPTA bus route 40, across from the Please Touch Museum, which is one of Philly’s best museums. Definitely get yourself there, especially in it’s new location in Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park.

Now I know I took a big break with these sightings, but forgive me, I just haven’t seen many out there and had a chance to grab it. So, I’m asking you guys to help me out.

If you see a Random Phillies Gear Sighting, take and pic and send it in. You can either email it in here, or you can TwitPic it and mention either @Phinally or myself, @kierankelly.

I’m looking to enhance the community interaction here, and this is a perfect opportunity for you guys and gals, the readers, to get involved with Phinally Philly. I look forward to seeing what you’ve got.


Random Phillies Gear Sighting – #6

Posted by Kieran Kelly On May - 5 - 2009

I was going to wait on this one, but I just couldn’t keep it to myself.

In what could have easily been sent into Straight Cash Homey, I wanted to put it up here because of it being Phillies related.

I spotted this gem while walking back to the Broad Street Subway after a night game. As soon as I saw it, I pulled out my iPhone. My girlfriend knew what I was doing, she saw it too. It was hard to get a picture while trying to be stealthy and keep walking, but my awesome photography skills allowed me to get it.

It was also the first time that I had seen something like this. Ready for it?

Make sure to hit the jump in order to see this Fu Manchu masterpiece.

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Random Phillies Gear Sighting – #5

Posted by Kieran Kelly On April - 21 - 2009

It’s been a while for a post about a RPGS, so I figured I’d throw one out there before the Phillies start their series against the Milwaukee Brewers tonight.

This picture comes from the game a few weeks ago where the Phillies got their World Series rings.

I’m going to apologize ahead of time for the picture. It’s hard to sneak in a picture of someone and you don’t want them to see you.


I don’t know if you can fully read the name on the back but it spells out:


It took me a few times reading it to figure it out, but I got it. Must be that Drexel education kicking in.

I’ve seen other jerseys along these lines. I saw another one at the same game with the NOB saying “CHAMPIONS” and the number being 08. Pretty good.

I really don’t want to have to continue to take all these pictures by myself, so I’m asking for your help. Send in pictures of your Random Phillies Gear Sightings. There are a couple different ways to do this.

-Send me an email here
-Follow us on Twitter at @Phinally (or me at @kierankelly) and reply to us with a TwitPic

I can’t wait to see what you guys can come up with.


Random Phillies Gear Sighting – #4

Posted by Kieran Kelly On April - 1 - 2009

Phillies Nation provides us with this week’s Random Phillies Gear Sighting.

Per their recent tweet

best water ice truck ever


I’d say yes. That truck is awesome. I wish I saw that because I would definitely give some of my hard earned (not really) money.

I think this may be the best Random Phillies Gear Sighting so far. I need some more submissions to keep this going.

I know all of you out there see Phillies things all over the place. Take a picture and send it in. Send them here.


Random Phillies Gear Sighting – #3

Posted by Kieran Kelly On March - 28 - 2009

It’s time once again for a random Phillies gear sighting.

This one comes from one of my friends on the campus of Drexel University.

The Phillies were certainly Phantastic last season. Hopefully they can do it again this season.


Random Phillies Gear Sighting – #2

Posted by Kieran Kelly On March - 25 - 2009

We’ve received our first user submission for Random Phillies Gear Sightings.

This one comes from Miss Bee, who says:

i work with a couple phanatics every day!



The praying Phanatic is awesome. I picked up the sliding Phanatic one when I saw the World Series Trophy. I wish I would have gotten the praying one as well.

Keep those submissions coming. This hasn’t really been limited to a schedule yet, so when I get more submissions, that’s when they’ll go up.

I have a few in line, but I need help to continue this. Send them to me here.


1st of the Random Phillies gear sightings

Posted by Kieran Kelly On March - 23 - 2009

Now that I’ve finally gotten WordPress for iPhone working, I thought it would be a good time to start an idea I had recently.

I’m going to post pictures of random Phillies gear that I spot during my travels around the Delaware valley.

For the first installment, I thought I’d go very local and post a picture from my desk at work.

I’d like this to be a community effort as well. If you spot any great or unique Phillies stuff out there, take a picture of it and send it to me at

This is going to be a pretty lame first post, but bear with me, with your help, it will get better.


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