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Twitter Poll: Who should be the Phillies DH?

Posted by Kieran Kelly On May - 21 - 2009

8D60275E-9A6A-4929-AF17-993A0494C4C5.jpgWith Inter-league play staring for the Phillies tomorrow against the New York Yuckees in new Yankee Stadium, there is a serious question that good ol’ Cholly needs to answer: Who should be the Phillies’ DH?

I’m sure it’s going to change depending on the situation, like if the pitcher is a righty or lefty and what stadium they’re playing in, but there are a few options.

Could it be Matt Stairs? He’s been a beast off the bench so far in his pinch hitting role and the DH role seems to fit him perfectly. He’s a power bat that doesn’t need to play in the field to stay sharp at the plate.

Greg Dobbs? He hasn’t regained the form that he had last season as the top pinch hitter in baseball, but I think that’s a result of not getting enough at-bats. Last season, he would get the occasional spot start. This season, he hasn’t really gotten much playing time and his PH results show that.

Chris Coste? Don’t want to do that because if Chooch gets hurt, the Phils lose the DH when Coste enters the game as a catcher

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Twitter Poll #3 – Team to fear in the NL East?

Posted by Kieran Kelly On April - 19 - 2009

Picture 1.jpgIt’s time for another Twitter poll from @Phinally.

The question this week, “A week into the 2009 season, who is the team to fear in the NL East?”

I think it’s going to come down to the Phillies and the Mets. I know that the Marlins are currently being beasts, but I don’t think that young pitching staff can keep it up all season.

In the end, it’s going to be just like the past three seasons with the Mets and Phillies battling for the division.

The responses from you:

LONG_DRIVE, from Phillies Long Drive: “My answer is no one as of yet. Everyone knew the Marlins young pitching could be good but they won’t maintain that pace.”

JMFlyer1454: “I’m saying Florida. They have looked the best, not just in the East, but in the entire NL and possibly all of MLB.”

krmcguire, of many things, including Macho Row: “No doubt, the Florida Marlins. Explosive offense and they have taken care of the Nats, Mets & Braves (who handled the Phills).”

TommymacWFC: “honestly… I am scared of the Marlins. they look deathly fast and their pitching is holding up much more that originally thought.”

From Facebook: Eric Michael Stencovage: “Well, yeah, definitely the Phillies, although not right now. Everyone knows what they did last year, but also everyone knows how they come on strong in the month of September, which any team would fear.”

Obviously, the Marlins are a team to fear from most of you. I think the Marlins are going to be in it for a while, but I just don’t think that their pitching is going to hold up through the entire season.



This week’s Twitter poll didn’t do as well as the first one. We didn’t get many responses, but I’ll still write up a post to show the results.

You took the time to respond, so I’ll take the time to post. Fair enough.

First, my answer. Last year, I only attended two regular season games, but I also went to one game during the NLDS and one World Series game.

I bought a partial season plan for this season plus a few other games. I’ve already been to Opening Night, so I’ve got at least 19 more to go, a personal record for me by far.

Continue reading to find out the answers from our Phinally Philly readers.

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Epic Twitter Poll: How many Phillies hats do you have?

Posted by Kieran Kelly On March - 29 - 2009

10A5515C-305B-4A8F-8E22-7795002B2978.jpgWe decided to try something new this week at Phinally Philly.

To give our readers a chance to contribute to the site, we posed this question on Twitter, and by extension, Facebook: How many Phillies hats do you have/own?

We received a lot of responses to our question. The answers ranged from a low of zero to a high of over 50! That’s a lot of hats.

To get this started, I thought I’d put up the hats that we here at Phinally have.

Kieran Kelly: I currently own IMG_0019.JPG7. My personal favorite has recently been the throwback green one, which a lot of you seem to like as well. Favorite overall would be the Interleague play one, which they no longer wear. I just love how the star looks in the middle of the P like that. My newest hat, which isn’t pictured, is the basic one that is shown at the top of the page.

Our own Roman Zubarev, has just one hat.
As he states in his Tweet: “just my freebie fightins hat.”

Roman's Hat.jpg There are plenty more responses to this question. We hope to be putting up many more questions using Twitter to keep the community interaction going. Be sure to follow @Phinally to stay informed of all the latest questions and updates.

To read the rest of the responses, be sure to continue reading and see who among us has the most Phillies hats.

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Phillies Roundtable Discussion

Posted by Kieran Kelly On March - 29 - 2009

I took part in a roundtable discussion with some other Phillies bloggers this week over at Macho Row. You can read it here

I love seeing how other people think the season will turn out for the WFC. It puts a lot of discussion out there for other people with a lot of different opinions in one place.

We also answered questions about the rest of the NL East and those answers can be found here

Our Twitter poll got a lot of good responses, as well as a few other responses on Facebook. I’ll be writing them all up at some point tonight and will post the results tomorrow. I’ll give a sneak preview as to who has the most Phillies hats out there.

hat photo.jpg

Who has that many? Find out later on when I post the results of our poll.


Macho Row: NL East Preview: Philadelphia Phillies: “”

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