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utleyscorner.jpg In early June of 2009, Chase Utley laid claim to a corner of Citi Field, the new home of the New York Mets. Chase hit three home runs in the three game series, all to the same spot in the right field corner. The corner just seemed to attract home runs hit by the Phillies’ 2nd baseman.

He obviously made a big impression on the Mets’ announcer, Gary Cohen. Later on in the month, during a series with the Yankees, he made this call on a ball hit by the Yankees’ Brett Gardner:

 ”Gardner lifts one down the right field line back towards Utley’s corner near the wall… it’s outta here!”



You can watch the clip for yourself from MLB here.

This has to be the first instance of a part of a ballpark being named after an opposing player. Only the Mets would be the first. Not only naming a part of their ballpark after a player on another team, but a player on their biggest rival team.

Here’s a picture of the weird corner of Citi Field, courtesy of The Fightins.


For other references, here’s the original Phinally Philly post, the post from the Fightins, and the Wikipedia page on Citi Field.

(Utley’s Corner graphic done by Dave Foley)

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