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Phinally Philly

Sports analysis and newspheed.

Roman ZubarevWebsite, Community Development, Newspheed

Roman got into pro sports when he moved to Philly for college. Naturally, strong passion and repeated disappointment were his initial emotions; feelings most Philly fans are born with. As an aspiring entrepreneur, Phinally Philly is one of several projects. His responsibilities include building a community around the site as well as running the live newspheed on Twitter and Facebook. He can be found doing his own thing here and reached at:

Kieran KellyPhillies Beat Writer

Born and raised in the Philly area, the 2008 WFC Phillies will forever be his favorite team. A recent graduate of Drexel University, Kieran is a fan of the Phillies, Birds, and Flyers, but leaves the Sixers to the rest of the city. His ramblings about sports, tech, and random musings can be followed on Twitter: @kierankelly.

Dany SloanEagles Beat Writer

Born in the cultural wasteland of southern Berks County, Dany grew up in a sports and music loving household, and to this day those remain his two biggest passions. Unlike his parents, Dany’s sports love very much became anchored to his geographical location, something that has created a ton of stress and arguments over the years. Currently a music industry professional living in Los Angeles (luckily only briefly), his love for the Eagles knows no bounds, he sticks by the Sixers even during these very thin times, is still coming to terms with his very torrid relationship with the Phillies, and has welcomed the Union to the city with open arms. His support for the Flyers is merely a civic exercise – he still doesn’t get ice hockey. Buddy Ryan, Randall Cunningham, and Steve Jeltz enthusiasts are welcome to drop him a line on Twitter at @soundofphilly or via e-mail at

Chris ShaferFlyers Beat Writer

Chris Shafer is a senior majoring in English at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. Growing up across the bridge in South Jersey and playing hockey at a young age, he has always been a huge fan of the Philadelphia Flyers. His love grew for most Philadelphia sports teams as well as Villanova University where both of his parents went. He had many articles about the Flyers published on this summer as a blogger for the NHL, but has since moved on. Now he covers the Flyers for and Chris will be buried in his Flyers jersey.

David Foley

David is a recent graduate of the University of Southern California and a lifelong Philly fan stranded out West (born in Bucks County). Equal parts passionate, knowledgeable, and angry…but always loyal. Contact him at:

Mike Santa BarbaraSixers Beat Writer

Mike was born and lives in the sports hot bed of Wilmington, DE. He’s been writing about sports since a young age, making up his own stories and then graduating to covering real sports around eighth grade. He’s a 4 for 4 Philly fan, and also an unhealthy fanatic of Italian B Series Soccer. His favorite sports movie is probably Bull Durham followed by Mystery Alaska in a very close second. He’s been playing Ice Hockey since he could walk and continues to compete today. Mike aspires to work as a writer for a pro team one day.

Zolo the TrolloUnion Beat Writer

We really don’t know much about Zolo, but he does have a Twitter….

About Us

Phinally Philly is a new source for news in the world of Philadelphia sports. Unlike other forms of mainstream media we take pride in presenting our honest, uncensored take on anything and everything related to Philly sports. We’re breaking news, insightful commentary, and a whole lot more brought to you live from the City of Brotherly Love by the Philly fan, for the Philly fan.