Stop Dog Aggression

When your pet dog always growls, bites, or snaps, you could be having a serious behavior issue on your hands. Dog aggression is among the top reasons dog owners go to an animal behaviorist or a professional dog trainer. Surprisingly, it is not just big dogs and so-called “aggressive breeds” that have the tendency to be hostile around other people and animals; any breed is just as capable of becoming aggressive under certain circumstances.

Even though aggression couldn’t be fixed overnight, you can take some steps to stop the dog biting and other hostile behaviors, and help calm your dog down.

A dog’s aggressive behavior refers to any behavior associated with an attack or an imminent attack. It includes becoming rigid and still, snarling, baring teeth, growling, lunging, and biting or nipping.

Your initial step to stop dog aggression is to find out what’s triggering your dog’s aggressive behavior. Some dogs growl and bare their teeth as somebody approaches them while they are chewing on a bone or feeding, for example. On the other hand, other dogs react antagonistically toward strangers or children.

This negative behavior is not only directed toward a person, either. Some dogs become hostile around other animals or toward inanimate objects, like wheels on vehicles, appliances like vacuum cleaners, or even yard equipment.

The main thing to remember is that you won’t be able to develop a plan to treat and prevent your dog’s aggressive behavior until you figure out what triggers it or the reason behind it.

How to Stop Aggression

Take note of when your dog behaves aggressively and the situations surrounding the behavior. It would play a significant part in identifying your next step. It is important to handle the underlying reasons for aggression. This behavior is only a symptom of an underlying issue. There are several ways you could deal with and manage the antagonism and help your dog stay calm. It would take effort, consistency, time, and, in serious cases, even professional help.…