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Starting a business in the field of natural cosmetic creams requires a significant amount of dedication, organization, and the appropriate tools. One crucial aspect to consider is the selection of the right cosmetic bottles. Many individuals may assume that plastic is the best option, however, using violet glass can set your business apart from the competition. This type of glass, which is also used in the production of wholesale dropper bottles, appears black in color but is actually violet in hue. It is worth noting that reputable cosmetic companies often utilize violet glass for their cosmetic containers. This is not a coincidence, as ultraviolet light has been shown to prolong the preservation of natural products. By using violet glass, you can offer your customers natural creams that are free of preservatives.

The impact of ultraviolet light on natural products

Many cosmetic companies focus primarily on creating aesthetically pleasing bottles for their products, without considering the preservation of the cream inside. This results in creams that deteriorate in quality after a short period, often changing color and losing their effectiveness. This is because the bottles used by these companies prioritize appearance over function, and fail to protect the product from light exposure. By using bottles made with violet glass, the cream inside will be protected from the damaging effects of light and maintain its original color, scent, and effectiveness. This simple change in the material used to store the creams can greatly enhance the quality of the product. Give your cosmetic creams the proper preservation they deserve. Your customers will value your product more.

How to achieve natural cosmetic creams?

To differentiate yourself in the market, it is essential to offer a product that stands out. By using violet glass bottles to store your cosmetic creams, not only will they appear visually appealing but they also offer protection to the cream inside. This added value will attract more customers, resulting in increased sales. The use of violet glass bottles also allows for the elimination of preservatives, making the cream 100% natural and therefore more appealing to health-conscious consumers. Additionally, these bottles are recyclable and reusable, providing an opportunity for a marketing strategy where customers can use the bottles to store other types of substances, such as spices, coffee, and tea leaves. This not only promotes sustainability but also encourages customer loyalty. Nowadays people tend to buy products from companies that care for the planet, as they feel they are supporting a noble cause.

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