Forms of Cancer Treatment

The Difference Between Chemo and Radiation | Cancer Treatment Types

When diagnosed with cancer, they may experience emotions like fear, anger, and even denial. Once the shock has worn off and they have come to grips with their disease, they may begin to think about how it will be treated.

There are several types of treatments used by oncologists to treat cancers. Although all types can effectively treat cancer, each has its advantages and disadvantages for the patient. Below is a brief explanation of some forms of cancer treatment cancer patients can undergo:

Treatment Through Surgery

Surgery involves removing the tumor entirely to ease symptoms or prevent further damage to organs or tissues. Surgery can be used as one of the breast cancer treatment Newport Beach-based options in conjunction with chemotherapy or radiation therapy, but doctors usually suggest surgery when the tumor is small and only in certain areas. In some cases, removing a tumor can cause more harm than good because it may damage nearby healthy tissue.

Radiation Therapy

The other type is radiation therapy which involves using high-energy rays, like gamma rays, to kill cancer cells. This technique is usually used in conjunction with chemotherapy or surgery to treat aggressive or already widespread tumors throughout the body. It can also be used to shrink a tumor before it is removed surgically.

Use of Drugs

Another type of treatment involves using drugs to slow the growth of cancer cells. This type of treatment is called chemotherapy. This drug is usually given intravenously, by mouth, or injected into a tumor. Chemotherapy can have serious side effects, so it may be necessary for patients to undergo targeted therapy after they have undergone chemotherapy to regain their strength and energy levels.

These types of treatment work to either completely remove cancer cells or slow their growth. They can be used independently or in conjunction with one another. If you are interested in learning more about any of the different types of cancer treatment, contact your physician for more information.

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