Reasons For Breast Reduction

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Although breast implants are much more common (and get much more attention in media), breast reduction surgery is something that many people consider. Whether it is for medically necessary treatment or aesthetic purposes (or somewhere in between), breast reduction may be a consideration for several different reasons.

Physical Difficulties

Having large breasts can cause a lot of physical pain for some people. Others may find it difficult to participate in certain types of exercise (running, jumping). In either case, the individual may consider breast reduction Cary NC in order to relieve some of these physical problems.


In some transgender individuals, having larger breasts can trigger a great amount of dysphoria. Rather than opting for full removal of the breast tissue, some people may choose to keep some tissue so that they may still present with breasts sometimes and have an easier time with binding when they want to conceal their chest.

Body Image

It is easy for someone to become self-conscious about their body in a world where people are pressured to look a certain way. Many people consider breast reduction because of the way other people treat them in regards to the size of their chest. Unsolicited sexual comments and assumptions about intelligence or ability are among some of the reasons one may consider breast reduction as an option.


With large breasts, it can become difficult to find clothing that fits well. Especially for people who are otherwise petite, they often have to settle for something that fits in the bust but is baggy and ill-fitting in the waist or arms. A breast reduction can make it easier to find clothing that fits well.

There are many potential benefits to getting a breast reduction surgery, and each is valid in its own right. It is important that we as a society work against the stigma that is put onto people who want plastic surgery, as these procedures can be medically necessary and even life-saving.

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