Tips to help new mothers on breastfeeding properly

Becoming a mother for the first time and even for the fourth time is something very exciting and overwhelming and it always comes with new responsibilities for the mother. She has to take care of her health and she has to care for the newborn as well. one of these responsibilities includes breastfeeding the child. Some mothers choose to bottle feed their babies while others go for breastfeeding as it is something highly beneficial for the babies.

Whichever is the choice of the mother, it is her own decision and sometimes it depends on circumstances as well. breastfeeding, however, is not something that you can just start on your own. Taking help from someone who knows how to do it properly such as Doula Melbourne | Maternity Doula 2022 can help you learn how to breastfeed properly and how to take benefits from it as well.

The newborn baby and the new mother, both need all the help they can get in this case to make the latching and breastfeeding sessions successful.

Here we will take a look at the simple tips that will help improve breastfeeding for you and the baby both.

  • Once you have delivered the baby, try to feed him as early as you can so that the uterus can undergo all the necessary contractions. It will also result in producing the colostrum which is highly beneficial for the baby as it has antibodies and several other beneficial nutrients in it.
  • Try to have a nurse or some lactation consultant take a look at you and the way you are latching the baby. If you are feeling uncomfortable, you must not be in the right position to feed and you might need help with that.
  • Remember to always feed on demand. When your child is hungry, she would signal you by crying and searching for the nipples. Make sure you are feeding the baby at least 8-12 times every 24 hours.
  • Try not to use any bottles or pacifiers unnecessarily. Just keep on breastfeeding the baby and let her enjoy these sessions well with you.
  • Drink plenty of water to help your body make a sufficient amount of milk for the baby. One of the best ideas is to sip from a glass of water every time you sit up to nurse the baby.
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